This is the character that was introduced in The Angry Birds Movie, to see his Classic counterpart, see Leonard (Classic), for others, see King (disambiguation)

No shirt, no shoes, but I still get the service!

Leonard Mudbeard (also known as King Mudbeard, King Pig, Chuckles, or just Leonard) is the ruler of Piggy Island. he is very cunning and manipulative, a perfect leader for the pigs, this green bacon is way smarter than the large portion of the piggy population.

He has a distaste with his common foe, Red, and has some assistants of Ross and Courtney.

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The Angry Birds Movie Edit

Voice Actor: Bill Hader (English), Guilherme Briggs (Brazilian Portuguese)

Leonard discovered a not-so-distant island just across the sea from Piggy Island via a binocular, with the knowledge of the existence a second island, he led a crew of pigs and traveled to the island in a rather unconventional ship. Upon arrival to the island, Leonard stepped off and was greeted by a crowd of birds who are the inhabitants of the island, but not before dealing with technical difficulties with Ross for messing up his not-so-dramatic entrance. His charm helps him gain the birds trust, all except for Red.

Later at night, Leonard is invited up on stage in front of many birds eating outdoors. He introduces them to the trampoline and the slingshot, but is annoyed by Red many times throughout his presentation. When he chooses to pick one of the birds to slingshot, he chooses Red, mainly to get rid of him. Afterwards, Red returns with Chuck and Bomb, having brought many pigs from aboard his ship with them. Leonard lies, saying that his pigs were in need of guidance as they weren't that smart. That again wins everyone's trust, and he smirks as Red storms away from the party.

Sometime later, Leonard finally launches his plan into action: Stealing the eggs and destroying the Birds' village. As Chuck runs to warn the townsfolk, who were partying far off as a distraction brought on by the pigs, Bomb and Red try to free the eggs from the ship, unsuccessfully.

The next day, Leonard, having returned to Piggy Island, announces to his people as King Mudbeard that he prepares to cook the eggs for everyone to feast on. However, the birds arrive on the island and attack by launching themselves with the slingshot. Leonard retaliates and sends the pigs to capture any birds in the city and pushes the feast of the eggs to an earlier date. Luckily, Red, Chuck, and Bomb infiltrate the castle and prevent the eggs from being boiled. Mighty Eagle soon joins in and grabs the net that contains the eggs and began to leave with the other three birds. As they began to take off, Leonard grabs Red by the foot and a pig chain is formed. The pressure then forces an egg to pop out of the net and fall back into the castle, causing Red to make the choice of risking his life to save it and lets go of the net and fall back inside with it.

Soon, Red and Leonard, with the egg, fell through many floors of the castle from a chandelier and into a room filled with dynamite. As Leonard prepares to cook the egg, Red is able to use his cockiness as and advantage to take it, light up dynamite, and leave Leonard in the explosion while he remains safe under a pot that was knocked over.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Edit

Voice Actor: Bill Hader (English); Christian Strempler (Latin Spanish); Tristan Harvey (French Canadian)

Three years have passed and Leonard is in a prank war with the Birds

Angry Birds BirLd Cup Edit

A King Mudbeard cardboard cutout was featured as decoration throughout the entire series.

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Angry Birds Fight! Edit

Leonard is included as a Boss in Angry Birds Fight, promoting the release of The Angry Birds Movie on May 17, 2016.

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  • The surname "Mudbeard" is a direct reference to The father of the King Pig of the original games, and even in concept art, showed him with his son, Smoothcheeks together
  • In Angry Birds Fight!, he makes a guest appearance as a boss.
  • Bill Hader's performance as Leonard sounds very similar to the legendary voice actor Jim Cummings, in which they both have a distinct vocal range when they shout and speak menacingly, but the only difference is that Bill Hader's voice is deeper than Jim Cummings.
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