This is the character that was introduced in Angry Birds on The Run, to see his Movie counterpart, see Leonard Mudbeard
Leonard (AB 2)

Ye-ye-ye-ye-ye-ye YEAHHHHHH!!!

Leonard is the leader of the pigs, even though there is one currently in position. But noneoftheless, he is shown to be a smart and cunning leader, that sometimes works with the birds.

Fiction Edit

Angry Birds On The Run Edit

Voice Actor: Baker Terry (English)

The Pig Reveal Edit

As Red, Chuck and Bomb find the phone to return from their world, Leonard and his minions shows up from a trash can, and their goal is that the birds don't return back to the phone so they steal it to the docks.

The Birds Get Angry Edit

As the pigs got the phone they decide to take some selfies of themselves before a seagull comes in and steals the phone, but they eventually get it back and declares that now they are going to destroy the phone.

The Final Showdown Edit

The start to destroy the phone, upon to no avail, but they are confronted by Red, Chuck, Bomb, a dog and the two humans, and they attack but Leonard decided to smash the phone by jumping off the table, but Chuck stops him, but Leonard decides to simply throw it in the ocean, but he sees that the birds figured out another way back, leaving him shocked.

Games Edit

Leonard (Classic)

Greetings! I... am a Pig Bird!

Angry Birds 2 Edit

As part of The Angry Birds Movie 2 event, Leonard was introduced into the game as an Extra "Bird" alongside Stella, Hal, and Bubbles.  His ability in this game is to launch a ball of snot at his target, which then sends him flying in the opposite direction.

He can be obtained with Snot Feathers

Angry Birds Friends Edit

Notes Edit

  • Despite the character being called Leonard, it is the classic King Pig plush they used for him, instead of the more accurate version of the character.
  • Leonard's ability in Angry Birds 2, is similar to Matilda's egg-laying ability, with the key difference being that Leonard's ability can be aimed in directions other than straight down and can be used three times
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