Unlike most Wikis, Angry Birds Universe Wiki does not have a complete ban on humor, particularly in image captions where a description saying "a picture of classic Red" on a page about classic Red with "Red (Classic)" in big bold letters at the top with "Red" bolded in the opening paragraph would be just a wee bit redundant. Instead, we prefer to lighten things up with humorous image captions, because the general tone of Angry Birds as a whole is more humorous and comedic more then anything, and denying this is probably not healthy.

Keep in mind, however...

Some jokes are not appropriate.

We do have guidelines about what level of humor is and is not acceptable:
  • When it comes to profanity, try to stick to "PG-13" words or lower, offensive vocabularies such as the four-letter f-word should be at least censored using characters like $ or % and must be kept as minimum as possible.
  • Sexual humor should also be kept to a minimum, and preferably as less obvious as possible.
  • We do not tolerate slurs, stereotyping, or "punching down" humor. Jokes where the target is based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. will get removed.

Having no caption is better than having an outright dumb, inane, pointless, badly-written or unfunny one.

As with pretty much everything else, we expect quality. While humor is highly subjective, a joke caption should generally have some kind of thought, reasoning, or intelligence behind it. 
If you can't even punctuate or capitalize, don't bother. If you haven't contributed substantive content, don't bother. If your joke caption isn't funny enough to make you laugh, don't bother. If your "joke" is so obscure or internalized that nobody on Earth will ever grasp it except for just you, don't bother. 
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