At least this ice cube doesn't get shattered easily.

Ice Bird is an alien bird who dedicated his life to protect the Eggsteroids from the threat of King Pig and his minions and, on certain occasions, other strange species of pigs, he has the ability to turn almost anything he touches into ice, he can even literally explode and release a gas that also turns things into ice!

His home world is presumably the icy-cold realm that is the Cold Cuts system, but so far there's no information that confirms it.

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Angry Birds Space Edit

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Angry Birds Space Prequel Comic Edit

Boba's Delivery Edit

A squeaky toy of Ice Bird came out when Boba Fatt was trying to get Ham Solo out via claw machine.

Notes Edit

  • Ice Bird is the only one out of the Space flock not to have an official name's official name is literally Ice Bird. No, seriously.
  • He made a cameo as a squeaky toy in the animated short Boba's Delivery.
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