This is for the Toons episode from Season 2, for the MakerSpace episode, see Hide and Seek (MakerSpace)

Ready or not? Here I Come!

Plot Edit

Chuck and The Blues were playing hide and seek. Chuck was the one to find, and The Blues were going to seek him. so he looked in a log, a bush, a pot, And then he heard giggling under a bunch of leaves. He lifted it up and discovered Jay, Jake, and Jim. Now it was his turn to hide. He thought of a crack in the rocks... He was visible. He tried a tiny rock. It's too small. Then he the perfect hiding place, A twisted old tree. He jumped in it and there was a little hole in the tree so he can see through it. He saw The Blues curious and confused about where could Chuck be. They walked away when all of a sudden a thunderstorm happened right under the tree. Water went through the tree and was filling up the tree with water. Chuck became frightened. Then a lightning bolt struck the tree, So the tree went on fire and boiled up the water inside. The water was so hot, that Chuck burst out of it and flew in the sky. Meanwhile, The Blues give up and start calling Chuck to come out. Suddenly, Chuck falls from the sky and lands face first on the ground. The Blues think Chuck hid on the moon. They happily give him a medal. Chuck faints and laughs weakly as the episode ends.

Toons.TV Description Edit

Little known fact, Chuck is a hide-and-seek champion. However, sometimes his hiding spots can be a bit TOO good.

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Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the few Toons Episodes that primarily focus on just the Birds.
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