ABTF1 Heatwave

Heatwave is a fire-fighting Autobot with the ability to project powerful jets of water.

Fiction Edit

Angry Birds Transformers comic Edit

Angry Birds Transformers issue 1 Edit

Heatwave was part of the bridge crew of Optimus Prime's ship when the Decepticons attacked it seeking the AllSpark. As the foe boarded their ship, Starscream immediately ran off and Heatwave took advantage of the moment's confusion to hit Shockwave in the face with a jet of water. The fight continued until Optimus had Heatwave use a powerful blast of water to get the Decepticons off the ship before Jazz engaged the quantum engine. 

Hard Boiled Edit

Heatwave was present when the AllSpark, lost in the preceding kerfuffle, came crashing back through the ship's windows accompanied by a Minion Pig.

Notes Edit

  • Heatwave is based on Rescue Bots Heatwave.
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