Game, Set, End Match

Plot Edit

One of the Blues is drinking a smoothie and laughs at the sound. The other blues come to him and he points to a hatchling named Will who is trying to swing a tennis racket but fails. Later another hatchling named Vincent plays with him. One blue laughs but the others decide to help Will learn to swing a racket. They later fight each other and one of them blows a raspberry. They look angrily at another as Jay is handled a whistle. Will and Vincent are trained by Jake and Jim. Jay oversees the training. After that there is a tennis match between Will and Vincent with Jay as referee. The match begins but Vincent accidentally throws the racket and dances. However Will does well and eventually the shuttlecock goes back to Vincent who is adjusted. They later adjust and are lured by apples. Then one blue scores for Will. After that, the two blues fight against each other - Jake vs. Jim. Later, the shuttlecock lands on the net, the rope of the net, and Jake and Jim struggle to make it fall into the other's field. It blows away into a field and they grin at each other, meanwhile they notice the referee's post is empty and the whistle was left behind. They later find Jay watching Will and Vincent attempt to play soccer/football. Later the situation happens again.

Toons.TV/YouTube Description Edit

Can the Hatchlings learn to swing a racquet or will the Blues outplay each other? Ready, set, match!

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