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Handsome Pig (aka. Hamsome Pig) is the most dashing pig around Golden Island, all the birds will woo him, well except for one particular bird on his mind. Unfortunately for him, the bird he likes, doesn't like her back. But he is accidentally going for another bird's attention.

Fiction Edit

Angry Birds Stella Edit

Voice Actor: Antti Pääkkönen 

Premonition Edit

Handsome Pig was pictured while Gale was setting a table to a feast of some kind

Games Edit

Angry Birds Stella Edit

Angry Birds Friends Edit

Handsome Pig appears in a Tournament for Valentines Day 2015.

Notes Edit

  • Handsome Pig may quite possibly appear in the Angry Birds Toons episode Party Ahoy, where he can be seen at a Golden-Island resembling area. His distinguishing blond wig can be seen at the dance the pigs attend to. (Picture to the right shows this)
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