I am not a monkey! (MANKEY!!)

Hal may be the clumsiest bird, and may cause him to lose balance, but he will peruse his goals. He is very good friends with Bubbles.

Fiction Edit

Films Edit

The Angry Birds Movie Edit

Voice Actor: Anthony Padilla (English)

Like Bubbles, Hal was introduced in Matilda's Anger Management class as a musician playing the soothing music

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Edit

Voice Actor: Anthony Padilla (English)

Games Edit

Angry Birds Action! Edit

Hal appears as a very minor character and only shows in the Wheel of Fortune section of the game..

Angry Birds Holiday Edit

Hal made a notable appearance in Angry Birds Holiday, and owned his own purchasable item from the store. It is known that the game was made with 3D animation, and that Hal used his Angry Birds Movie animation style in the game.

The game was never released outside of soft launch, and Rovio announced that the game stopped development. It was shut down as of December 21st, 2016.

Gameplay Edit

As the game was never given a worldwide release, not much is exactly known about it, or Hal's involvment. It is known that his item, the "Adventure Club", could be bought with in-game currency, unlocking Hal in the process.

Notes Edit

  • In case you haven't noticed, Hal's entire physical stature resembles that of a boomerang, as his beak is long as he is tall, and he usually trip because his beak is so darn heavy!
  • It also should be noted that this Hal dosen't need to open his beak wide to boomerang back when flying, unlike the original Hal, this version already have the shape no matter what pose he is in.
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