Not to be confused with Golden Eggs.

For the episode, see The Golden Egg.

The Golden Egg is an artifact from the Angry Birds Stella series. It was found under in a secret garden. It was found by Gale, who was reading a book, (which came with the golden crown) Leading to the location of the egg. It can turn objects to gold and then turn them back. Gale was turned into gold by the egg, And then turned back into normal. Gale ran away in fear, never to be seen again. Stella's Flock immediately launched the egg from the slingshot into the ocean. It was never ever seen again.

And for some strange reason, this somehow teleports from different locations from a Tomb, to a tree, to a jungle shrine, to a volcano, and even a cave, MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!

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  • The Golden Egg's ability is possibly a reference to the story of the Midas Touch, a story about a king who made a wish to make everything he touches to turn into gold.
  • Golden Island was probably named after the Golden Egg.
  • There is actually another Golden Egg in Golden Island.
  • The Golden Egg is actually so powerful it turned a large part of the island and Artist Pig into stone. It can also turn objects into gold.
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