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Glenn is one of Eagle Island's top scientist helping bring Zeta's vision for a super weapon to Life. Glenn Is understandably nervous, knowing that his past few predecessors didn't keep their jobs long enough to see the weapon come to fruition.

Zeta, and especially Glenn, are hoping that this time thing will be different

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Gleen is first seen during the third warning shot at Eagle Island stating that he finally hit bird island. His second appearance is when Zeta watch the first lava ball being created, however zeta told him she what a 1,000 more. Gleen then told zeta that he'd be done in 2 months, Zeta then reminds him that if he doesn't make 1,000 lava balls by tomorrow she'll freeze him. Gleen's third appearance is when bomb took all the Eagles out, he is seen dancing with the rest of them and singing "Baby shark". His final appearance is during Zeta's rant putting the button to lanch all the lava balls on bird island and watching the launcher backfire and elpolod thanks to red and silver. If Gleen survived the e

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Voice Actor: Eugenio Derbez (English)

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