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Female Red Bird (also known as Girl Bird) is a bird that resembles her male counterpart Red, but has eyelashes, different pupils, thinner eyebrows, lighter spots, and wears a yellow bow on the top of her head (though it is blue in the free version).

Basically, This is the Minnie Mouse/Daisy Duck syndrome.

Games Edit

Angry Birds Seasons Edit

Hogs and Kisses Edit

Girl Bird wasn't used as a playable character, but instead as a background character used to promote this section of the game, but despite that, she does make an appearance in the end cutscene when completing Hogs and Kisses.

Angry Birds Friends Edit

Girl Bird makes her reappearance in Angry Birds Friends, thought his time she was only used as an Avatar.

Toys and Merchindise Edit


Notes Edit

  • Even though she was used as only a background character, she has become quite popular among fans, as the fans dubbed her the name, Ruby and actually begged Rovio to make her a playable character in a future update.
  • The feathers on Red's plush is pointing to the left. However, the Girl Bird's plush has the feathers pointed to the right.
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