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I'm a protagonist now?

Gale is a resident on Bird Island who is good friends with Stella, as she is usually seen hanging out with her and many other friends. She is totally the villain we all know her to be.



The Angry Birds Movie Edit

She is first seen standing in line for worms sold at the Early Bird's worm stand after Red completed his civil court case and sets off to the Infinity Acceptance Center to serve his sentence.

Gale then joins Stella and her friends in performing a welcome celebration for the pigs when they arrive at the island, before sitting down with other fellow birds to watch the pigs give their own performances.

After the pigs were defeated, she and her friends took part in repairing damage to the village inflicted by the pigs when they stole the birds' eggs, but not without stopping to spontaneously give the Hug Trader a huge group hug.

The Angry Birds Movie 2Edit

Gale was one of the many attendees of Pinky's Speed Dating event on Bird Island

Gale was attending a physics class at Avian Acadamy, where Silver was demonstrating her Super String, but she and other students and even the teacher, were bored with Silver, as such she left as the bell rang.

Angry Birds Comics Edit

Gale showed up when Red didn't want to take exercising classes, but he was quickly convinced when he saw Gale.

Games Edit

Angry Birds HolidayEdit

Gale has been known to run her own relaxing spa

Angry Birds Dice Edit

Notes Edit

  • In The Angry Birds Movie, Gale was originally was supposed to be the secret secondary villain of the film [1], referencing her Golden Queen / Bad Princess motif from Angry Birds Stella.
  • She along with Willow are the only Stella Flock members to actually appear in a game since their spin-off game, and Angry Birds POP!

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