Our Smelly Sense is tingling....

Plot Edit

The episode begins with two citizens (with their faces hidden) looking and at the newspaper with an article on the front page 'Angry Birds Missing From The Game'. While one of them tells the other that Red, Chuck and Bomb are nowhere to be seen and that they left the game for something. The other tells that the trio was his favourite. As they talk, the birds wander around the garden and Red gets confused, overhearing everything about them (Red, Chuck and Bomb), sometimes on them being in catapult and sometimes in space. Bomb tells that he likes it,  followed by Chuck telling Red to open his mind. While they roam, Bomb gets a smell of something delicious. Red and Chuck get the smell too. Chuck tells that the smell is amazing. The trio then wander in search for food from where the smell is coming. They are led to a trash bin, a diaper, etc. Red calls all this ridiculous and finally, not been able to find the food item (it turns out to be a delicious apple pie), Red finally faints. However, the trio manage to reach a garden from where the smell came from, only to find pigeons feeding on fries. Chuck gets surprised and says that they came all the way to see freaky flying rats eating sticks (Chuck is unaware that they are pigeons). Red finally finds the item (apple pie). Bomb and Chuck find it impossible to reach the pie as it at a height (a floor of a building). Red asks Chuck and Bomb whether it is good to eat dirt and fries with the pigeons or to soar like a Mighty Eagle and eat pie from heaven like a God. Chuck and Bomb move somewhere and Red asks them whether they liked his speech. Chuck actually jumps into the pigeons, making some of the pigeons fly away. Chuck and Bomb enjoy eating the stuff eaten by the pigeons, while Bomb asking if they had anything to drink. Red looks on and hates to see what Chuck and Bomb are doing.

YouTube Description Edit

With their sense of smell intact, Red, Chuck, and Bomb goes on a search for something to eat.

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Angry Birds References Edit

  • When Red is confused about this place (Earth), he makes a comment about being in space, which is a reference to Angry Birds Space

Trivia Edit

  • This episode was re-released on December 8, 2018 in "Compilation Part One - Ep1-5".
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