They Remembered!

Plot Edit

The episode starts with the pigs opening the Poached Eggs 1-1 level, meanwhile, Foreman Pig steals the eggs and goes away. Red and Bomb are near a ribbon, Chuck brings scissors and they cut it, which a sheet falls off revealing the Slingshot.

They see it and get amazed, Red tries to sling himself but can't pull hard, a human hand them appears and slings him forward, then backward, then into the structure and three stars appear.

Red brings the eggs and they thank the hand. Bomb gets so emotional that he blows up.

Description Edit

Who remembers the first ever level of Angry Birds? It might seem easy-peasy looking back, but how many of us shot Red in the wrong direction? Don't lie…

Characters Edit

Pigs: Birds:

Angry Birds references Edit

  • The entire episode is dedicate to the first ever level in the first game.
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