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Plot Edit

A Delivery Pig comes with a huge box to delivery it, he turns himself to the back and presses a button on a elevator door, the elevator passes but doesn't stops in the door, the delivery pig presses the button again,  which the elevator successfully reaches the door, making the pig happy. The elevator opens and there's a lot of pigs in it, the delivery pig enters, but the box didn't fit, making the doors close near delivery pig which almost hurts him but he leaves the elevator. He puts the box in the floor and rests, he then presses the button of the door angrily, which it opens, he picks the box and enters the door but the box falls, making a mini earthquake, makes the delivery pig fall and then the elevator hit the pig, injuring him more, the door closes. Another pig comes and presses the button, opening the door and revealing the injured delivery pig in the elevator floor, the delivery pig demands the pig to bring the box, which the pig measures the box and the elevator, and brings it to a bigger elevator, making the delivery pig bored.

YouTube Description Edit

When it comes to getting a new gadget, the humble delivery pig is the unsung hero. For these piggy couriers, neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor busy elevator can keep them from delivering your package on time.

Characters Edit

Minion Pigs

Real-Life references Edit

  • A police pig is seen playing the game Pong on his computer
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