Ella is a workaholic, a very type-A, very high-strung, very high-maintenance, kind of bird. She is however, a very lively member in the bird community. She’s very opinionated and she’s just starting to get her feet wet in the dating pool, but she’s very standoffish and independent.

Fiction Edit

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Edit

Voice Actor: Dove Cameron (English); Marita El Helani (Arabic)

Ella was one of the resident on Bird Island that treated Red as an outcast, but later, she praised Red as a hero instead. She was with Pinky on the slingshot, so that they do their little business.

Later, Ella attended at the speed dating event on Bird Island, where she briefly dated Bomb and Red and commented that Red was super Angry all the time.

Notes Edit

  • According to Dove Cameron, Ella originally looked like some kind of blue finch or something, and then they were like, "Wouldn’t it be funny if we made it into a dove?" And she was like, "Yeah, you should absolutely do it", and they did.
  • She is a recolor of Gale as you can see.
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