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Though once they were just normal, harmless eggs, after the EggSpark's transformative energies mutated them, the Eggbots became dangerous and hostile enemies for the Autobirds and Deceptihogs alike! Eggbots come in a variety of types and sizes, but they all mindlessly sow chaos and destruction in their wake!

Fiction Edit

Angry Birds Transformers comic Edit

The first batch of Eggbots came into being when some of the Flock's eggs were dropped onto the EggSpark by Soundwave Pig. Some time later, they sprouted mechanical limbs. Jazz Bird, upon noticing the change, offered the Eggbots some candy. In response, one of the Eggbots blasted him in the face. The eggs then quickly began to duplicate themselves and ran off into the wild. -Angry Birds Transformers #1

As the EggSpark caused Piggy Island to transform further, the Eggbots grew bigger and more heavily armed. The Autobirds and Deceptihogs joined forces to battle them, but found themselves on the losing side of the conflict. - Age of Eggstinction!

 Some Eggbots even grew mouths, and displayed the ability to scream! One of the smaller Eggbots was eventually captured by the Autobird/Deceptihog alliance in order for them to study it. - Revenge of the Fowlin'!

But the Eggbots continued to grow in numbers, and their armament became increasingly powerful as well. With all-out pandemonium breaking out, the Autobirds and Deceptihogs were left with only one option: tackle the source of their island's metamorphosis at its source. Though it took some doing, they managed to launch the EggSpark off-planet, causing the Eggbots to revert into regular eggs. All of them, that is, save one that shot a transformative beam at a nearby cactus, changing it into a wild-running robot. Hard Boiled 

Commercial appearances Edit

After the EggSpark transformed the Flock and the Bad Piggies into the Autobirds and Deceptihogs, their confrontation was interrupted by a bunch of Eggbots firing on them, and cyberforming nearby rocks into armed turrets. They were chased off by Optimus Prime Bird, Bumblebee Bird, and Grimlock Bird. - Angry Birds Transformers: Cinematic Trailer

Games Edit

Angry Birds Transformers Edit

The game has three eggbots that create events on the map, which takes 5, 15, or 30 minutes to complete. If a player chooses to intercept an event early with gems, he can chase an eggbot in the level and blast it to get coins. But they'll run off the screen whenever they're provoked enough, if the character is in vehicle mode, or if a buddy is active. If you hit the Eggbot really hard, it may even drop a gem! If you manage to "defeat" the Eggbot four times, it will have enough and fly away, never to be seen again for the rest of the stage.

The only time you'll really want to spend gems for coins from Eggbots is to complete a in-game achievement and Daily Quests. Characters that deal high damage per shot are the most effective at making Eggbots spill heaps of coins. THE Goldbrick Energonicon is ideal to use with characters with fast fire rates, but the Powerbot is more effective with Heatwave and Sentinel Prime, so they can squish an Eggbot squat and making them spill thousands of coins in a single shot! But the "Golden Egg" achievement requires a Deceptihog, so the Megatrons are the best choice for the achievement.

Notes Edit

  • This is the first time in which the Eggs are the main antagonists. I guess they were sick of the fact that they get captured for I don't know at least once a day!?!
  • The Term "Eggbot" is actually used in a Maximal Egg transformer. I didn't know that they would go that far.
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