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Edukie is a line of construction toys that are geared to be "educational". Yeah, nothing says educational by having the birds go murder some pigs!

Sets Edit

  • EK81008: King Pig’s castle (Minifigures: Leonard and Courtney)
  • EK81009: Zeta's Ice Palace (Minifigures: Zeta)
  • EK81010: Avian Academy (Minifigures: Silver)
  • EK81011: Mini Piggy Submarine (Minifigures: Leonard)
  • EK81012: Garry’s Lab (Minifigures: Garry)
  • EK81013: Bird Island Park (Minifigures: Silver)
  • EK81014: Sling Stop (Minifigures: Bomb)
  • EK81015: Piggy Diving Suit (Minifigures: Leonard)
  • EK81016: Relaxing Zeta (Minifigures: Zeta)
  • EK81017: King Mudbeard's Statue (Minifigures: Leonard)
  • EK81018: Hatchlings’ Adventure (Minifigures: Zoe, ViVi and Sam-Sam)
  • 81019: Red
  • 81020: Chuck 
  • 81021: Bomb
  • 81022: Mighty Eagle
  • 81023: Silver
  • 81024: Zeta
  • 81025: Garry
  • 81026: ViVi
  • 81027: Zoe
  • 81028: Sam-Sam
  • 81029: Courtney
  • 81030: Leonard
  • 81031: Glenn
  • 81032: Debbie
  • 81033: Jerry
  • 81034: Carl
  • EK81035: Angry Birds CMF Series Collection

Notes Edit

  • Since the first images we saw of the Edukie line, most people believed that LEGO was returning to make sets for the second film, but it revealed to be Edukie not Lego.
  • This will be their first license theme, as most of the themes Edukie releases are Edukie versions of Friends, City, Dinosaur and Racers sets
    • This is also marks the first time that Edukie will send out sets Globally to the world.
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