Drones, now including pigs!

Plot Edit

A Pig is controlling a drone holding a TNT box, he is almost puts it on the right place, but the drone malfunctions,losing it's control. The pig tries to make it move with remote control but it does not work, which makes him angry, he touches a button which makes the drone fly near to him, making the TNT box hit his face. He tries to control it, which always passes near him, he jumps to the floor and the drone remote control falls which he tries get it back, he gets it and the drone works correctly. The drone puts the TNT box on the right place,which makes the pig happy,but the drone grabs the pig and puts him in a TNT pillar, another pig leaves a Game In Progress room, the pig on the pillar asks for help, but the game pig takes the penultimate TNT box,which makes the other falls and explode,the pig gets scared but the drone grabs him and flies away.

YouTube Description Edit

Stacking TNT requires the most delicate and precise equipment, but the pigs don’t have any of that. How about a drone?

Characters Edit

2 Minion Pigs
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