I think this is the reason why Matilda was chosen as Strongarm

Plot Edit

Matilda was smelling her roses that made the Eggs' nest when Jay, Jake, and Jim were sliding off the cliff, causing a great disturbance behind her. She told them not to do it again. Soon, they were bouncing on a green ball which they slipped off. The green ball collided with the eggs. The Blues were punished again, this time with their eye pupils being huge. Afterwards, Matilda left and the Blues continued their mischief.

They painted a target on the eggs with the intention to shoot it. Just they were about to, Matilda saw what was going to happen and became horrified because of it. She dove down to keep the eggs from being shot, taking the hit from the egg, on the forehead of the plunger. Matilda, once again, persecuted them. The Blues were ashamed but then noticed something behind Matilda. She kept on yelling at them, just to see their shocked expression. When she checked why she realized a Minion Pig was about to steal the eggs.

The eggs were being picked up by the Minion Pig operating a mechanical claw. Matilda shot an arrow at the pig. Then the Blues told each other that Matilda had said "no shooting arrows". Unfortunately, shooting the arrow at the pig only causes the crank to speed up, and soon the eggs were all the way up, causing The Blues and Matilda to scream.

Then, Matilda raced up the cliff and started attacking the pig, rewinding the claw at the same time. The Blues recognized Matilda jumping on the pig as them jumping on the ball earlier and mimicked the action, saying that Matilda said "no jumping." Then the claw went all the way down with the eggs.

Matilda threw the pig off the cliff and slid down the cliff. Then Jim mimicked Matilda sliding off the cliff and all the Blues shook their heads, saying Matilda had said "no sliding". Then Matilda crashed into the pig, doing the same thing the Blues did. Then she laughed. However, the Blues persecuted her instead, shaking their heads, only to then change their minds and playfully jump onto Matilda.

Soon though, Matilda decided they were allowed to do whatever they wanted (since she committed them herself) and they all went to have some fun, leaving the injured pig in the hole Matilda was in.

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