The true legend of bird electro, Dedsw1n3 rose to fame by being able to press the play button on an application better than anybody else in the world. He also wears a cool mask. His latest hit “Come See My Laptop Live ” recently rose to the #1 spot on Bacon FM, earning him untold millions to use in discovering his artistry.

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Angry Birds Evolution Edit

Notes Edit

  • DedSw1n3's name is a pun on DeadMau5, a musician.
    • DedSw1in3 means Dead Swine, with the numbers replacing the words, it actually says Dedswine.
  • ''Drop the Base'' is a pun on ''Drop the Bass'', said to musicians to use the bass.
  • ''Rising the Stakes'' is a pun on ''Raising the Stakes, which means increasing income.
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