Dane is a resident of Bird Island who likes to play the saxophone and likes to hangout with his friends.

Fiction Edit

Films Edit

The Angry Birds Movie Edit

Voice Actor: Josh Robert Thompson (English)

Dane was first seen playing the saxophone when Red was walking to Anger Management Class, but he shoved an Apple down his Saxophone.

Angry Birds Comics Edit

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Angry Birds Action! Edit

Dane appears in Angry Birds Action, since the Jungle part, On the stage, he keeps playing his saxophone, which it makes a wind that can push the characters to other places, to help the birds or pigs or not. He can be easily defeated.

He also appears playing some levels and competing with the player (Only as an icon)

Notes Edit

  • He is one of the few Angry Birds characters who wear a hat, the other one is Willow.
  • In Action!, A pig version of him, Epic Sax Pig replaces him when the player is on Piggy Island.
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