In the peaceful jungles of Golden Island enhabits a species of Pokémon little creatures who lives peacefully day by day. Unfortunately for them, their home is also a battlefield for a flock of birds and the army of pigs who also inhabits the island.

List of species: Edit

  • Puffhog: Puffhogs are small hedgehog-like creatures that are brightly colored in appearance, except that they have soft fur instead of quills.
  • Butterhorse: Butterhorses are creatures that resemble seahorses with butterfly wings.
  • Scorpionhorse: Scorpionhorses resemble butterhorses, but with scorpion-like stingers on their tails.
  • Landhammer: Landhammers are green hammerhead shark-like creatures that sport legs instead of fins.
  • Skunk: As its name suggests, this is an ill-tempered skunk.
  • Tree Mammoth: Tree mammoths are small mammoth-like creatures who live in treetops.
  • Palmetrodon: Palmetrodons are small Dimetrodon-like creatures whose heads and spines resemble a thumb and fingers on a hand.
  • Mother and Baby Cave Beast: Cave beasts are hulking, blue-and-yellow striped creatures that live in caves and are very dangerous.

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Angry Birds POP! Edit

They appeared in Angry Birds Stella POP! Angry Birds POP! where Willow has to free them before she runs out of bubbles. Red, The Blues, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Shakira used to be able to access the "Free the Critters" level as well. (Now Red, Chuck, Bomb and Matilda appear as permanent characters in Drop the Pigs, Defeat King Pig, Piggy in the Middle, Beat the Clock and Free the Hatchlings respectively.)

All of the critters in the game are now replaced with hatchlings (dammit Rovio!).

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