I'm onwee twee an' a haf years old!

Courtney is a female pig who is Leonard's new piggy assistant. Even though she spends more time texting and listening to music than actually working, Courtney is probably the most competent and skilled assistant Leonard has ever had, which isn’t saying much. And when Leonard barks orders, like asking her to actually work, Courtney takes it all in stride – but she occasionally dishes out some wicked retorts to combat Leonard’s underestimation.

Fiction Edit

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Edit

Voice Actor: Awkwafina (English); Andrea Porras (Latin Spanish) 

Courtney was helping the King Pig Leonard commit some pranks onto the Birds, like throwing pies at them, holding a magnifying glass to pop a bouncy house and dumping crabs on them. 

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  • Courtney has the distinction of being the only female pig to be named and to be prominent in a story without being a tie-in character.
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