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Corporal Pig is a military corporal on Piggy Island.

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The Angry Birds Movie Edit

Corporal Pig was seen following his king and his assistant when Bomb was wrecking through the walls of his castle, and after Red caused a massive explosion, Corporal Pig was one of the few pigs to escape the explosion on Piggy Island, And Was One Of The Cameo's During The Film In 2016.

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Corporal Pig (Pop Blast)

Angry Birds Pop Blast Edit

Corporal Pig is one of the first characters to be added into Angry Birds Pop Blast, being the piggy counterpart to Bomb. Like his designs in the comics, he sports a brand new design that doesn't match with his movie design. His main power is that like all the other pigs, when you filled him up with the amount of green piggy bubbles, he will activate a rocket launcher that's designed to get rid of one row of a specific level.

Notes Edit

  • He has his card on the left side of his helmet, which is a reference to his Toons design.
  • There are two different designs for Corporal Pig, one is the one from the film where he is just a Minion Pig with his traditional helmet with a card of spades, and the other is seen in Angry Birds Pop 2, where he has a distinct design than his first film appearance.
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