This is for the Classic version of Corporal Pig, to see the Movie character of the same name, see Corporal Pig (Movie)

I am better than all of you because I have a helmet made from tin!

Corporal Pig is the commender of the King Pig's army, he is overly militaristic, and he bullies his subordinates whenever he's upset, he always follows the king's orders not realizing that his leader is a thick headed idiot.

He easily stands out from the rest of the pigs thanks to his helmet, many assuses that he wears it for protection, but he actually wears it to hide a crack on his head, he also accidentally glued it onto his head at some point.

Games[edit | edit source]

Angry Birds[edit | edit source]

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Angry Birds Transformers[edit | edit source]

After being given the powers of Galvatron, Corporal Pig was captured by the Eggbots and frozen in a block of ice. Once freed, he and his fellow Deceptihogs joined forces with the Autobirds to return Piggy Island to normal. 

The last one in's a rotten egg!

As Galvatron[edit | edit source]

  • SquadTarget: 2006
  • Mission TypeFirepower
  • Unlock Type: New Area (800 pigs)

As Galvatron, Corporal Pig's primary attack is an instant-hit narrow-field laser beam that can bust blocks and pop Piggies with ease. It works wonders on flying foes, and at high levels can obliterate Walking Mortar Towers in a few hits! Unfortunately, it hasn't got the best rate of fire, and using it too quickly causes it to overheat and become unusable til he cools down, leaving him vulnerable. Therefore, he must very carefully choose his targets (which must rankle his "blast everything" attitude). Sometimes it's better to simply directly attack an armed Piggie than try and topple its tower.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Ace of Spades Head Rare 350 +10% Weapon Cooldown
Headphones Head Common 100 +5% Damage
Baseball Cap Head Common 25 +5% Transform Power
Pilgrim Hat Head ??? ??? +10% Damage Thanksgiving Event exclusive
Antlers Head Rare 300 +10% Damage Holiday Event exclusive
Festive Deely Bopper Head Rare 300 +10% Damage Holiday Event exclusive
Noble Hat Head Epic 550 +8% Defense Chinese New Year exclusive
Sunglasses Face Common 25 +5% Transform Power
Vortex Chest Legendary 900 +10% Weapon Cooldown Based on Age of Extinction Galvatron
Sword Arms Uncommon 100 +5% Fire Rate

This new power is surging through me! There is no doubt of me now, I AM NEW MEGATRON!!

As Energon Galvatron[edit | edit source]

  • SquadEnergon Fueled
  • Mission TypeFirepower
  • Unlock Type: New Area (2000 2400 pigs)

As if Galvatron Pig wasn't crazy-go-nuts powerful already, his energon-fueled incarnation adds some extra oomph, with a little bit of explosion upon destruction of the target, which can really set up a chain reaction of collapsing blocks. Of course, he keeps the unpredictable overheating problem, and adds the issue of his volatile energon-streaked body taking extra damage from even normal attacks. Luckily, he can heal damage by absorbing energon cubes prized from blasting cyberformed bits of the scenery.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Headphones Head Common 100 +5% Damage
Baseball Cap Head Common 25 +5% Transform Power
Ace of Spades Head Rare 350 +10% Damage
Santa Hat Head Common ??? +5% Vehicle Time Holiday Event exclusive
Noble Hat Head Epic 550 +8% Defense Chinese New Year exclusive
Sunglasses Face Common 25 +5% Transform Power
Vortex Chest Epic 650 +10% Weapon Cooldown
Medallion Chest Epic 600 +10% Explosive Force Based on Unicron
Shield Arms Rare 350 +10% Defense

Fortress Maximus has come himself! (laughs)

As Scorponok[edit | edit source]

  • SquadEnslavers
  • Mission TypeFirepower
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event Prize (10000 Tokens)

Whereas Galvatron is powerful, dangerous, and evil, Scorponok is powerful, dangerous, and... oh. He joins the the roster of Deceptihogs clamoring and bickering for leadership over Piggy Island.

Scorponok's laser beams pierce through targets just like Shockwave's, and his cannon has more firepower. However, shooting (five times) too rapidly will cause the gun to overheat and leave him vulnerable for several seconds.

He was first available in the May 2017 event, "Headmaster", at the new standard new character cost of 10000 tokens! Unlike Trypticon's event, you don't have the benefit of a maximum of 1500 tokens and a minimum of 500 tokens from leaderboards, but the event does go for 7 days.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Cannons Arms Epic 550 +10% Damage
Tail Back Legendary 1000 +15% Damage

I am the King of the road!

As Motormaster[edit | edit source]

  • SquadEnslavers
  • Mission TypeFirepower
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event Prize

As Drag Strip[edit | edit source]

  • SquadSpecialists
  • Mission TypeIntellegence
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event Prize

As Menasor[edit | edit source]

  • SquadCombiners
  • Mission TypeFirepower
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event Prize

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Angry Birds Toons[edit | edit source]

Angry Birds Transformers comics[edit | edit source]

Angry Birds Transformers issue 1[edit | edit source]

Corporal Pig was standing idle when Chuck burst into Moustache Pig's latest building. The bird's entrance interrupted King Pig's latest attempt at cooking the Flock's eggs, and the entirety of the Bad Piggies were sent fleeing. As they hopped along, the Pigs stumbled upon the EggSpark. The first "volunteer" to touch the artifact became "Starscream Pig" and flew off. The rest of the pigs then touched the artifact, and Corporal Pig became Galvatron Pig! Unfortunately, Galvatron Pig received a healthy does of insanity to go along with his new body. He could now hear a number of voices inside his head, instigating him to perform all sorts of destructive acts. The pigs were soon joined by a couple of birds who were similarly upgraded upon touching the EggSpark. Megatron Pig ordered a retreat, and Galvatron Pig sped away in his truck mode.

Age of Eggstinction![edit | edit source]

Galvatron Pig was then tasked to carry Lockdown Pig around, as the incompetant foreman was unable to transform out of his "toilet mode." As the Deceptihogs began to argue between themselves, a Terror Tower sprung up from beneath them. Galvatron Pig began blasting away at the structure. This only led to the Deceptihogs tumbling inside of the tower when the floor beneath their feet gave way. Grimlock Bird then burst in and attacked the pigs. As Galvatron Pig fought the new arrival, he asked Grimlock Bird how he found time to do anything when his verbal tic made him say his own name over and over. No sooner was Grimlock Bird taken out that the rest of the Autobirds arrived. Galvatron Pig took on Heatwave Bird, though his efforts amounted to little against his steadfast opponent. The fight came to an abrupt end when the Flock's eggs suddenly sprouted mechanical limbs, multiplied, and proved themselves to be hostile.

Revenge of the Fowlin'![edit | edit source]

The Autobirds and Deceptihogs joined forces to combat this newly arisen threat. But the pigs and birds were fighting a losing battle, forcing them to change tactics. Galvatron Pig was assigned to a team tasked with rescuing capturing an Eggbot for study. He proved too unstable to stay focused on the mission at hand, and began to blast away wrecklessly at the Eggbots instead of making any effort at capturing one. Once more, Heatwave Bird confronted the Deceptihog. Galvatron Pig came out on top in their little clash when Heatwave Bird attempted to transform into his vehicle mode, but instead turned into a novelty "singing plant" toy. Galvatron Pig rammed him with his truck mode, sending Heatwave Bird flying over the horizon. Galvatron Pig then turned on the three Minion Pigs in his group before moving on to Jazz Bird. 

Before he had a chance to blast his latest target however, Heatwave Bird came roaring back. He had been returned to his point of origin thanks to the giant slingshot he had landed in. Galvatron Pig was knocked unconscious and restrained.

Hard Boiled[edit | edit source]

Galvatron Pig briefly awoke, and began ranting about destroying everything before being knocked out once more by Grimlock Bird. When he awakened yet again, the pigs and birds had come within reach of the EggSpark. Galvatron Pig broke his bonds and ran amok. He took out Grimlock Bird, then Jazz Bird, before taking Bluestreak Bird out of commission. Lockdown Pig was his next victim, quickly followed by Arcee Bird. Galvatron Pig seemed unstoppable until an EggSpark-empowered Starscream Pig challenged him. (Galvatron Pig still found the time to knock out Heatwave Bird en-route to meet this latest opponent.) Soundwave Pig and Grimlock Bird stepped in to restrain Galvatron Pig, while Starscream Pig and the EggSpark were flung off-planet, returning everything to normalcy. As the Bad Piggies went their own way, Corporal Pig had to put up with another of King Pig's temper tantrums.

Angry Birds Transformers Storybooks[edit | edit source]

Robot Birds In Disguise[edit | edit source]

Galvatron Pig joined his leader in his plot to poach all the EggBots to eat them! They were thwarted by Optimus Prime Bird and his troops.

Deceptihogs Versus Autobirds[edit | edit source]

Galvatron Pig enjoyed barking orders to other piggies, and blasted all those who argued into micro-crumbs! He participated in a great big clash against the Autobirds in the middle of a desert. The Deceptihogs were forced to flee after they lost the battle.

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