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Chuck is speedy, in fact, everything about Chuck is speedy. He thinks fast, talks fast and moves even faster. He zips around Bird Island in a flash. Chuck speaks with a high-pitched voice that lacks a filtering mechanism – so you never know just what will come out. His frenetic energy has him jumping from one thought to the next without waiting for anyone else to catch up.

 Fiction  Edit

Films Edit

The Angry Birds Movie Edit

Voice Actor: Josh Gad (English)

Sometime before he was sent to the infinity rehab center, Chuck was speeding around Bird Island, only to be stopped by a police officer. As he was getting his speeding ticket, he went to the police station and wrecked his office, stole his wallet and spent it on drinking, and even dumping poop Ice Cream on him.

Chuck was in Matilda's class along with Bomb, Terence, and new student Red, but quickly argued about him not knowing the memo about arriving on time, but quickly apologizes to Red, and likes him.

Chuck then explained why he was sent to Anger Management Class for one thing: A simple speeding ticket, and tells them about happened there, but Matilda says it is a different story than what he told them last time and Chuck even admits that it maybe wasn't Ice Cream.

As Bomb was telling how does he "blow up" Chuck gets all excited and wants Bomb to explode for him, but Bomb refused to because he went "Boom-Boom" before class. Matilda then teaches her students how to do different poses, but Chuck was horrified that Terence was up on the air already, so he did a bunch of poses that of an Eagle to the all time favorite, downward duck!

The Angry Birds Movie 2  Edit

Voice Actor: Josh Gad (English); Alan Bravo (Latin Spanish)

Angry Birds Birld Cup Edit

Voice Actor:

Angry Birds MakerSpace Edit

Voice Actor:

Angry Birds: Bubble Trouble Edit

Voice Actor: Marcelo Cyro

Games Edit

Angry Birds Action! Edit

Chuck appears in Angry Birds Action! as a main and playable character. He appeared for the very first time (in an Angry Birds game) in his movie animation style, which prominently includes his arms and legs.

He is the third character out of four in total to be unlocked.

The game is based on 3D animation, so Chuck along with all of the other characters use 3D character models.

Gameplay Edit

The game is based off a puzzle-pinball genre, and there are certain objectives that each level that can have in order to complete the level.

The player uses Chuck by pointing him at a target and shooting, and Chuck will then hit and bounce off of targets until he runs out of speed.

Chuck is much faster than all of the other birds but is not as strong as the rest. 

Like all of the other characters, as Chuck levels up he will receive special boosts. In his bronze stage, Chuck has the Time Freeze boost. In his silver stage, he has the Speed boost. In his gold stage, he receives an extra move.

Angry Birds Holiday Edit

Chuck appeared in Angry Birds Holiday as a minor character, and had his own purchasable item that the player could unlock. (unlocking him as well in the process)

However, the game stopped development and was shut down as of December 31st, 2016.

Gameplay Edit

The app was a building game, with Matilda guiding the player as he/she built a resort for tourist pigs to visit. There were items that could be unlocked with in-game currency, Chuck's item being the Animal Watch.

Not much is known about the gameplay otherwise, as the app was never given a worldwide release.

Angry Birds Match Edit

Angry Birds Evolution Edit

Chuck appears as an event-exclusive character, and otherwise makes no other appearances in the game.

However, there are yellow birds that can be upgraded as the player progresses.

Angry Birds Dream Blast Edit

Angry Birds Explore Edit

Notes Edit

  • Josh Gad originally did not want to the voice of Chuck because it would sound to much like Olaf from Frozen, but they convinced him to a 30 minute vocal pitch.
  • In the film, Chuck is shown to be left-handed. This can be proven by various things he does with his left hand such as painting with it, raising it, and more. This can also be proven in the AMC promotion and the Regal Crown Club promotion, where he holds the cards and other items with his left hand.
  • He is based off The Flash.
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