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Carl is one of the fellow eagles who lives on Eagle Island. He serves as one of the guards who is on Zeta's payroll.

Fiction Edit

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Edit

Voice Actor: Zach Woods (English)

Carl and fellow eagle guard Jerry stand guard at one of the entrances to Zeta's Lair on Eagle Island.

Toys Edit

81034 Carl

Edukie Edit

  • Set Number: 81034
  • Pieces: 5
  • Accessories: None

Carl was released in the Edukie line as a separate Minifigure to the line, making him one of the few minifigures to be exclusive to this series.

Notes Edit

  • His color scheme was a Pink-ish color in the final product but concept art and the Edukie Minifigure shows that he was a darker shade of grey.
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