It's Camp Scary all over again, but it's with Hatchlings

Plot Edit

Jay, Jake, and Jim were setting out for a campsite discreetly, since they did not want any other birds hogging their supplies. They went on their way when Zoe suddenly popped up in front of them, indicating with her backpack that she wanted to join the Blues in their camp too. Jake denied her request and put her back at the house entrance.

Zoe was not going to be stopped by that so she clang onto Jake's backpack but halfway to the camp, she made some sounds that alerted the Blues that she was somehow still attached to them, causing them to trap her on top of tree branch so she would not be able to follow them any further.

Once the Blues reached the campsite, they quickly set it up as their camp. They cheered and proceeded to wait until nighttime to roast marshmallows over the campfire.

When it was nighttime, the Blues were eating the roasted marshmallows when they suddenly saw a shadow of a monster. Knowing it was just the way the fire moved, they quietly laughed. Jim then heard something and was a bit nerved by the sound. When he proceeded to eat the marshmallows, he bit the tree branch he used to roast them. He suspected his two brothers of eating his marshmallows while he was not looking but they denied it, causing him to get additional marshmallows to roast. However, the box was empty, which was also true to the giant pile of boxes which was supposed to be filled with spare marshmallows but was emptied out too. Jake used a torchlight to see who or what accompanied them to the campsite without them knowing but it turned out to only be apples dropping from its tree.

Relieved that it was just the apples, they laughed. Suddenly, they heard a sound coming from their tent. The Blues sent Jake to see the cause of the sound as he held the torchlight, even though he disapproved of the idea. He checked the tent and then tripped over a rock, causing his torchlight to go into the tent, revealing a "monster" in the tent. Horrified that there was a monster in the tent, the Blues fled the area. The "monster" then left the tent, revealing to be Zoe. She was excited to see the Blues and proceeded to follow them, dropping marshmallows as she went.

Just before the credits, the torchlight was switched off and a green hand, that of an actual monster, took the marshmallow that Zoe dropped and took it inside the tent.

Toons.TV/YouTube Description Edit

Out into the field for a night of camping! But when the marshmallows mysteriously disappear, the Blues soon realize they're not alone.

Characters: Edit

  • Jay
  • Jake
  • Jim
  • Zoe
  • Monster
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