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I'm an Autobird, no a Deceptihog!

Buzzsaw is a Deceptihog bird?

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Angry Birds Transformers Edit

Buzzsaw is an "Accessory" character, giving Deceptihogs he's attached to an incendiary rounds effect to their weapon, quickly burning wood blocks and slowly sapping HP from struck-but-not-destroyed enemies. The burn effect can also cut through the "armored" pigs' defenses in Sparkruns. This bonus can be given increased power with upgrades won from random-prize Crates or in the "Shockwave's Tower" mini-game.

He can be unlocked by purchasing him with Gems in the Barracks, with Tokens during specific Challenge Events, or won from Crates and Shockwave's Tower. 
Deceptihog Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Dead End Head Epic ??? Incendiary Rounds
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