Up, Down, Left, Right, I'm gonna movie my feet tonight, Dance (dance) like nobody's watching!

Plot Edit

Jay is seen sleeping under a tree on a hammock as Jake and Jim brings out a huge radio, and Jake is on top of the radio turning it on and Jim is happy while he is on it, but however, it interrupts Jake's sleep when they both turned on the music.

Then, The Blues started to dance, but Jake is angry at both Jay and Jim for waking him up but they continue dancing until Jake turns off the radio and shush the other Blues to be quiet, and he walks angrily back to hammock to rest. But then Jay and Jim laughed, and while they were laughing, Zoe, Ariana, and Will showed up. Jake then pushed them over to watch for a dance off. Jake turns on the radio which wakes up Jay from his nap. Still angry at his siblings, Jay decides to change the music to make them faster, making him a DJ, and then he plays a ukulele theme , country, a dubstep version of the The Blues theme song and during that, Will covers Zoe's eyes, and then Jay changes to a rock song and then changes it to a Ukulele version of the Angry Birds theme, and he makes them dance so fast that they are tired, but not before Jay telling them to be quiet and walks off to continue his nap

Toons.TV/YouTube Description Edit

There is no napping when the Blues are around. The brothers bust out their moves to one up each other.

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Angry Birds references Edit

  • When Jay plays a Ukulele soundtrack, it's actually a Ukulele version of the original Angry Birds theme.

Errors Edit

  • In Toons.TV, this episode is not shown, and instead, it is replaced with Hatch Off, the previous episode. It was then fixed two days later.
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