Bumblebee is a courageous Autobot scout who is in a raging war against the Decepticons.

Fiction Edit

Angry Birds comic Edit

Angry Birds Transformers issue 1 Edit

When Decepticons attacked the Autobot shuttle carrying the AllSpark, Bumblebee was charged by Optimus Prime with taking the relic and running away. He was chased down and cornered by Starscream, but the Decepticon's attack missed and shattered a window, causing the AllSpark to be sucked into space and a quantum tunnel. Bumblebee wasn't discouraged, though, promising they'd keep looking for it as he captured Starscream. (Angry Birds Transformers #1)

Hard Boiled Edit

Turns out they didn't have to, as the AllSpark later came crashing back through another window while the Autobots were discussing where to look next.

Notes Edit

  • Bumblebee is based off of his G1 design in the comics, but in the games and in the comics itself, it shows that Chuck as Bumblebee was based on the movie incarnation not the Generation 1 design.
    • Thankfully, a new character known as Classic Bumblebee looks more like his G1 counterpart, so that's a relief.
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