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I love chocolate, but I'm not supposed to eat it cause I get fat, but it's SOOOOOOOO good.

If you were to ask Bubbles what is the best thing about life, what answer would come out of him? is it all the friends and family? the wonders of such a gigantic world? or the excitement of beating up the pigs? nope, it’s none of that, the answer you’ll definitely get is candies, as in those sweet sugary things that can give you beak cavities? yep! To him, candies are the most CRUCIAL things to have in life! Bubbles loves candies so much almost to a point of addiction, actually, he may already be addicted, in fact, eating sweets is the ONLY thing he’ll usually if not ALWAYS thinks about, his entire life is dedicated to eating sugar and if he’s not getting the desired amount of sweets, he’ll become moody.

Yep, you read that right, he’ll be moody instead of strait out angry like the other birds usually does, that’s because there’s really not much things that really makes him angry, the only thing that does makes him angry is when anyone takes any candy that he have or found. And you definitely do not want to make Bubbles angry, because when he’s angry, he’ll fill himself with air like a ballon and increase in size, although it's temporary, it lasts long enough for him to push away or squash anything near him.

 Games Edit


I am invincible! INVINCIBLE!!!

Angry Birds Seasons Edit

Bubbles made his debut in the Ham'o'ween episode of Angry Birds Seasons, in gameplay, Bubbles is a small orange bird that have the destructive capability of a blowfish, basicially, he can inflate his own body and increase drastically in size, pushing away anything around him, three seconds after that and the giant balloon will deflate and starts to fly around in random directions for additional destruction, the player can neither activate this ability manually or let the bird activate it automatically three seconds after impact, it's recommended that the ability is activated when there is the most debris around him so that he can deal the most amount of damage possible, it's possible the player to get Bubbles inside pig buildings if there are openings, remember that Bubbles can smash through wood and glass pretty easily.

Angry Birds Edit

Bubbles is introduced into the original game in the Birdday Party episode.

Angry Birds Rio Edit

Bubbles appeared in the very last episode, of the Rio 1 portion anyway, Smuggler's Plane along with Hal. (unless you count Market Mayhem, which was not part of the storyline but was based on a deleted scene) He is the very last bird introduced in Rio 1, and once you unlock him he appears as a playable character in all of the episodes that follow

Angry Birds Space Edit

Bubbles was introduced in Angry Birds Space in the Utopia chapter. Like his other feathery comerades, he gets a cool superhero name dubbing himself, Atomic Bird.

Angry Birds Friends Edit

Bubbles' technical first appearance into Angry Birds Friends was in Pig Tales Level 5, you can also find him in Angry Birds Friends on mobile, on the level 15 of the 6th floor of the Piggy Tower and on the tournaments on both devices

Angry Birds Go! Edit

Voice Actor: Antti LJ Pääkkönen

Bubbles was the first character to be unlocked within the Air chapter. His ability in the game is the same as his ability in other games, inflation. He was previously used to be unlockable through Boss Battles, and the player would have to beat him 3 times in the "Balloon Frenzy" track. In these battles, he would try to divert the player by sending boxes of TNT, coins, or boosts tied to balloons.

As of v2.0, Boss Battles were removed and replaced with the Campaign Map. Once you get a star in the campaign level 3, race 5, you will unlock Bubbles and will be able to play as him. His signature vehicle is the Rapid Rider L6

Angry Birds Transformers Edit

Voice Actor: Antti LJ Pääkkönen


What's up little hatchlings?

  • SquadTarget: 2006
  • Mission TypeIntelligence
  • Unlock Type: New Area (900 pigs)

Jazz Bird, king of the pop-and-lock breakin' 2 electric boogaloo, is a speedster character similar to Bumblebee Bird, though a little less on the speed and a little more on the toughness, with a higher overall set of stats once he's at maximum level. His missiles are a bit less rapid-fire, but make up for that with a much reduced "reload" time between salvos.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Headphones Head Common 50 +5% Damage
Baseball Cap Head Common 25 +5% Vehicle Time
Halloween Hat (bat wings, top hat) Head Uncommon 350 +10% Damage Halloween Event exclusive
Santa Hat Head Uncommon 100 +5% Defense Holiday Event exclusive
Pudding Head Rare 300 +10% Damage Holiday Event exclusive
Snowman Head Rare 300 +10% Damage Holiday Event exclusive
Speakers Chest Uncommon 600 +10% Defense
Hook Arms Rare 325 +20% Clip Size
Pistol Back Rare 350 +10% Damage


Ya like Jazz? Repaints?

  • SquadThe Hotrods
  • Mission TypeIntelligence
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event Prize (5000 Tokens)

When taking on the persona of Ricochet Bird, things get a bit more... tense. Sure, he's still a dancing fool, but he's really touchy and prone to responding to personal slights with a caroming missile, especially if anyone questions his sharpshooting skills. He always enters the Advanced Autobird Autofire Accuracy Assertion to prove he's number one... and also because maybe this time the prize is candy. (Spoilers: it's never candy.)

True to his name, Ricochet's missiles ricochet off their initial target, which can set up some absolutely devastating chain reactions if shot at just the right angle, bouncing up to twice per missile. Given the amount of punch they pack (much higher than Jazz) and steady rate of fire with a very short reload time, Ricochet can obliterate blocks and eliminate enemies with ease. Aim for a Walking Mortar Tower behind a closer one, and let shots bouncing between them destroy them both in seconds. He's not as fleet of foot as Jazz, but he makes up for it with a bit more armor.

Ricochet was first available in the "Lock & Load" Challenge Event in mid-September of 2016, and was a "free to play" character during the Event. He and all of the other Challenge Event unlockables were made available in the "2-Year Celebration" Event. On day three of this Event, the game offered the purchasable "Ricochet Bundle" for $14.99, which contained 25000 coins, 150 Gems, and Ricochet (or 5000 Tokens if you already owned him).

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Headphones Head Common 100 +5% Damage
Baseball Cap Head Common 25 +5% Vehicle Time
Speakers Chest Uncommon 100 +10% Defense
Hook Arms Uncommon 100 +20% Clip Size


I am a mischievous little birdie aren't I?

  • SquadInstruments of Destruction
  • Mission TypeInvestigation
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event Prize (7500 Tokens)

Bubbles-as-Blaster arrives the with new update of March 2017, which also introduces the new "Sparkrun" mode. As a re-skin of Chef Pig as Soundwave, Blaster fires multiples sonic blasts in rapid succession (up to five with proper leveling up), which pack more punch than all the Soundwaves' sonic blasts.

Unfortunately, he also keeps Chef Pig's audio files rather than using Bubbles's, an error that has yet to be corrected.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Rosanna Head Epic 600 +10% Explosive Force
Headphones Head Uncommon 100 +5% Damage
Baseball Cap Head Common 25 +5% Vehicle Time
Santa Hat Head 100 Uncommon +5% Defense Holiday Event exclusive
Festive Deely Bopper Head Rare 300 +10% Damage Holiday Event exclusive
Snowman Head Rare 300 +10% Damage Holiday Event exclusive
Lion Hat Head Epic 550 +8% Defense Chinese New Year exclusive
Stripes Chest Epic 600 +20% Faster Reload
Sundor Arms Rare 350 +10% Damage

Screenshot 2019-01-23 075405-1

Please don't make me work with the police bot.

  • Squad: Speedsters
  • Mission Type: Intelligence
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event Prize (7500 Tokens)

Sideswipe's weapon is an anti-gravity gun that side-swipes (ha-ha) masses of blocks and pigs to the left. Good for clearing them away, but not complete destruction.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Cannon Arms Epic 600 +10% Damage
Pistol Back Rare 350 +10% Fire Rat


Paranoia, Paranoia, every one is coming to get me!

  • Squad: Speedsters
  • Mission Type: Intelligence
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event Prize (10000 Tokens)

Red Alert has a water cannon that pushes pigs away and deals moderate splash damage.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Sirens Chest Epic 650 +10% Defense Appears only in vehicle mode
Cannon Arms Epic 600 +10% Damage
Pistol Back Rare 350 +10% Fire Rate


When they made me, they broke the mold!

  • Squad: Speedsters
  • Mission Type: Intelligence
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event (10000 tokens)

Bubbles's amicable lightheadness is no match for Sunstreaker's ego, turning the ditzy bird into kind of a jerk. Though the combination of the two is now even more flighty and capricious than you normally get from Sunstreaker.

First available in late February of 2018, Sunstreaker has an instant-hit "stream" weapon like the Grimlocks and Epic Optimus. But his works as the opposite of Epic Optimus's tractor-beam gun, instead pushing targeted objects away with incredible force. The beam even has a lingering draining effect on targets' HP that lasts for a few short seconds after the direct damage stops. Even at level 1, Sunstreaker can drop towers and send Pigs flying away easily.

Like Elita-One before him, Sunstreaker was also made available in a "bundle" during his original Challenge Event, bought with Gems rather than real money. The bundle's costs and contents varied from platform and player, with higher-cost bundles offering more Accessories and larger amounts of promotion-granting Spark.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Cannon Arms Legendary 900 +10% Weapon Cooldown
Hook Arms Rare 300 +10% Defense
Pistol Back Epic 600 +10% Damage


The candy bag was.......... full

  • Squad: Speedsters
  • Mission Type: Intelligence
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event (10000 tokens)

Mirage is sneaky and if he doesn't fire will go into stealth mode. Otherwise, he is fond of disabling his opponents with an EMP pulse.

First available in 2019's Challenge event called "Mirage", and he is of course is the main show (wow they are getting lazy with these names huh... ), He is the third version of this mold, as he transforms into a formula-one race car instead of a sports car like usual. He fires EMP sonic blasts similar to Soundwave's weapon, only the blasts fires in a arc.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Cannon Arms Legendary 900 +10% Weapon Cooldown
Hook Arms Rare 300 +10% Defense
Pistol Back Epic 600 +10% Damage

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Ham'o'ween animation Edit

Angry Birds Toons Edit

Voice Actor: Antti LJ Pääkkönen

Night of the Living Pork Edit

Bubbles was trick-or treating on Halloween

Sweets of DoomEdit

Bubbles was trick-or treating on Halloween


Bubbles was trick-or treating on Halloween, notice a pattern here?

Angry Birds comics Edit

Angry Birds Transformers comic Edit

Angry Birds Transformers #1 Edit

After the Bad Piggies had stolen a batch of the Flock's eggs, Bubbles accompanied his fellow birds on a raid to retrieve them. Chuck managed to foul up Red's attack plan, causing the Bad Piggies' building to collapse on top of the Flock while King Pig and his minions escaped. 

Thanks to Bomb, Bubbles emerged from the rubble relatively unscathed, though he seemed somewhat shaken by the ordeal. Meanwhile, the Blues had flown off after the pigs on their own. The rest of the Flock began searching for the little birds, only for the Blues to find their way back on their own. Upon their return, they began blabbing about an "EggSpark" and "Deceptihogs." 

Age of Eggstinction! Edit

By the time Bubbles reached the EggSpark, it had already transformed Chuck and Hal into Bumblebee Bird and Grimlock Bird respectively. Though it took some convincing, the rest of the Flock eventually agreed to touch the EggSpark as well, in order to be granted new robotic bodies. Bubbles became Jazz Bird, and found a newfound desire to simply cruise about Piggy Island and take in the sights. Nonetheless, he was ready to take on the Deceptihogs if the situation called for him to do so. Under the command of Optimus Prime Bird, the Autobirds transformed and rolled out into action. They soon caught up to Megatron Pig and his minions, and engaged them in combat. Jazz Bird took it upon himself to protect the Flock's eggs with his hand-held slingshot. As he watched over them, the eggs sprouted mechanical arms and legs. Jazz Bird nonetheless found the eggs to be adorable, and offered them some candy. In response, the Eggbots blasted his face with lasers, then multiplied and took off. 

Revenge of the Fowlin'! Edit

The Eggbots proved themselves to be an even greater threat than the Deceptihogs. The Autobirds and Deceptihogs joined forces to combat this newly arisen enemy. The battle's collateral damage soon became apparent to both Jazz Bird and a trio of Minion Pigs. It was decided that in order to stop the Eggbots' rampage, one of them had to be captured and studied. Jazz Bird was assigned to a team with this mission in mind. Their task was quickly compromised when fellow team-member Galvatron Pig began to run wild. Galvatron Pig first sent Heatwave Bird flying over the horizon before coming after Jazz Bird. 

The crazed pig was just about to blast Jazz Bird when Heatwave Bird came roaring back, and took out the bad piggy. Unfortunately, the shock-wave still knocked out Jazz Bird. Heatwave Bird carried Jazz Bird's unconscious form back to the rest of the birds and pigs, just as the island's transformation began to truly spiral out of control. 

Hard Boiled Edit

Upon awakening, Jazz Bird found himself in the middle of a total war zone. On Optimus Prime Bird's order, he participated in one last mad dash for the EggSpark. Just as their goal neared, Galvatron Pig awakened and attacked Jazz Bird, putting him once more out of commission. Thankfully, the others managed to fling the EggSpark off-planet anyways, returning Piggy Island and all of its inhabitants to normalcy. As the Flock discussed the day's events, Bubbles joined Terence and Bomb in listening to Hal playing some tunes on his banjo. 

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Deceptihogs' Revenge Edit

Jazz Bird was part of a raid on the Deceptihogs' headquarters after those big jerks had stolen the EggSpark. He, Optimus Prime Bird and Heatwave Bird burst in to find... The Deceptihogs using the EggSpark as a dance light as they had a crazy dance party. It was all very silly. 

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Angry Birds Transformers Edit

  • The Speakers Accessories are based on the c joint speakers from the 2010 Transformers toyline version of "Special Ops Jazz" (which was also redecoed into United Stepper, aka Ricochet).
  • The Hook Accessory is based on the hook-and-winch tool Jazz used a couple of times in the "More than Meets the Eye" mini-series from the original cartoon.
  • Bubbles-as-Blaster uses Soundwave's character model, making him the first Flock member to have two completely different robot body styles, as well as the first Autobird to use a Deceptihog body. (Unless you count Windblade Bird, but she only shares a jet mode with the flying Pigs.) He makes the same sounds as Chef Pig, and acts like a Deceptihog when thanking buddies. Oink.
  • If you think that we were making up that mistake for Mirage, we were not. That is the actual official description for his character and we are not making that up. just look over here.
  • Bubbles-as-Mirage is the first time where a character did something when you are not using him/her. In this case, he turns invisible, which is accurate to what he is in Generation 1, not much of a fighter, but he really is a good spy.
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