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At one point the head threat (ha ha!) of Piggy Island, Boss Pig is ready to take down both Autobird and Deceptihog alike so the Eggbots can rule uninterrupted. Heavily armored and packing massive missiles that can drop an opponent in one blow, and backed by squads of smaller flying pigs, Boss Pig is a threat to be taken seriously!

Games Edit

Angry Birds Transformers Edit

Boss Pig first appeared in the "Enter the Silverbird" Challenge Event, and every stage was simply surviving his onslaught. Following this Event, Boss Pig could appear randomly in the place of the "normal" stages in any Challenge Event, which can be real bad news if your character(s) aren't really suited to taking him on.

Boss Pig's one and only attack is launching rounds of up to five humongous missiles (amount depending on the player's character choice) that fly in a slow, spiraling flight path similar to the giant missiles in Pig City. Do not let them hit you; they'll take out a huge portion of your health, if not all of it! While the missiles are slow and Boss Pig doesn't have a great rate of fire, it can be easy to lose track of them as flying Pigs rush in to run interference, plus any target-locks will be lost if a missile goes off-screen. Watch for the falling black smoke of missile exhaust to be ready for one that's closing in but still offscreen. Sadly, Energon is very scarce in Boss Pig levels, so use your Energonicons wisely.

The characters best suited to taking down Boss Pig are those with quick-fire capabilities that can clear out the missiles fast and get in plenty of good shots between salvos. Any characters that have long reload times are doomed. Characters with instant-hit firepower, like the Grimlocks or Epic Optimus Prime, are usually great choices, but sadly while Ratchet can clear out missiles quickly, his death-from-above attack does diddly against Boss Pig himself. Leveled-up Ricochet (always a good Challenge Event choice) and Bludgeon are also pretty effective, being able to clear out crowds with quick heavy firepower.

Successfully exploding Boss Pig is worth a hefty point bonus. His missiles are typically only worth a single point each, unless his arrival means your normal target will not appear (such as balloon-Pigs), in which case they're worth 15 points each. In these instances, if you're able, prolong the fight by getting him close to defeat as soon as you can, then focus on his missiles to rack up big points, finishing him off once Astrotrain flies overhead.

Boss Bat Pig Edit

There's also a giant bat version of the Boss Pig occasionally encountered in Caves. He will fire homing Bat Pigs at you and are just as painful as boss missiles. Luckily, the many structures in caves will likely obstruct most of the bat bombs. Popping the Boss Bat Pig is worth 20 Bat Pigs.

Notes Edit

  • Boss Pig's helmet is based on Generation 1 Scorponok's, minus the side-horns and plus a lot more color. Oh, and plus the big goofy propeller, of course.
  • Boss Pig does not appear to be based on a pre-existing Angry Birds character. He's just a generic giant pig.
  • Normal Starscream used to be able to slaughter Boss Pig by dropping him with a single null-ray blast, but that was rendered moot a few months after Starscream's debut. Welp.
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