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Bob-omb with feathers and a beak.

Bomb may be a shy bird at times, he can often explode as well as saying rhymes. because he’s the only bird on the island diagnosed with IED (Intermittent Explosive Disorder), which causes him to literally explode when surprised or stressed with no odor. A skill he’s been working to control, but still has a way to go! He maybe different than the other version before. This gentle soul will be known forevermore.

Poem done by Bomb

He also lives with his momb.

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The Angry Birds Movie Edit

Voice Actor: Danny McBride (English)

Sometime before he was sent to rehab, Bomb went into his house one night, and it was his birthday, and the other birds surprised him, only to blow up his house as a result.

In the present day, he goes to Anger Management Class about his explosions.

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Voice Actor: Danny McBride (English); Luis Daniel Ramírez (Latin Spanish)

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Voice Actor: Pasi Ruohonen (Finnish)

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Tell me, do I Explode? I do!

  • Bomb's house is designed as a bomb shelter, get it!?
  • For promotional material for The Angry Birds Movie, Rovio made a image of Bomb dressing up as Batman to promote another film also releasing the same year as another film: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
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