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I can explode like a bomb! get it?

Bomb is a bomb, And a bird, A bomb bird! he is one of the most powerful birds and one of the pigs’ worst nightmare, he possesses the ability to literally blow up whenever he is surprised, angry, sad, or just feeling stress in General, basically, his emotional state determines weather or not his power will be activated. The problem with that is the fact that as a living person, Bomb will always feel emotion, thus it’s very hard for him to control his short fuse and he will unintentionally go BANG!

Bomb is a trigger-happy party animal who LOVES to blow stuff up for fun, this happened because he has gotten so used to blowing up intentionally multiple times when fighting the pigs that it has became a habit of his to blow up anything near him for his satisfaction. Bomb is a very immature bird, he would do anything for fun with barely any concern for the consequences, he is so immature that he has driven Red crazy, but got along really well with The Blues, however, he is secretly self aware of how uncontrollable he is, so he occasionally goes to soak in hot springs, drink teas, or eating ice cream to help himself relax.

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That's a lotta damage!

Angry Birds Edit

The fourth bird type to be introduced, Bomb has the ability to explode, applying a huge amount of force to anything near him in the process, the amount of damage it can cause depends on where the bird exploded, the more destructible things there are around him, the more destruction will be done, the player has three options when it comes to activating the explosion.

Option 1: Detonate the bird before he hits anything.

Option 2: Detonate the bird after he hit something (Bomb is the first bird in the game who is capable of using his power post-impact).

Option 3: Similar to option 2, but instead of detonating the bird manually, the bird will instead detonate automatically three seconds after impact (recommended for lazy people).

Bomb has a very dense body, meaning that he is too heavy to even bounce slightly (he'll roll like a bowling ball instead), he is also great with crushing through stone with ease.

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Bomb makes a cameo in Flight in the Night, where he appears asleep next to Red in one level. Even if the player attempts to land near him or wake him, he will not move and remain asleep. Though he appears in this level, he does not make an appearance in the rest of the levels or any of the other levels as an enemy.

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See: Obi-Wan Kaboomi

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See: Obi-Wan Kaboomi, Moa Windu, Gazareb "Zeb" Orrelios

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I'll be back, back to the past Samurai Jack Drift

As Drift Edit

  • Squad: The Hotrods
  • Mission Type: Firepower
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event, in-game purchase

One of the slower sports-car bots, Drift requires patience and careful aim. He hurls slow-moving electrified shurikens that don't do immediate damage, but explode a half-second after impact, destroying entire structures. Hit the right block in a tower and the effect can be devastating. Its effect on flying foes is immediate, however, as the charged projectiles act like an electromagnetic pulse, dropping flying Pigs out of the air and stopping Walking Mortar Towers and Monoliths in their tracks, . Even better, the EMP effect has a blast radius that can take out multiple flying Pigs with a single shot.

He was first unlockable in the "2-Year Celebration!" Challenge Event, which ran from October 5 through October 14 2016. He cost a whopping 7500 Tokens to unlock (the highest cost for a character yet), which were earned through daily challenges in special stages. However, he could also be bought and unlocked instantly as part of the "Drift Bundle" in the first two days and the last two days of the Event, which included Drift, his Great Sword Accessory, and 1000 Gems, all for a mere $29.99 in real actual money. No, we're not kidding. Angry Birds Transformers

{| class="wikitable"

!Accessory !Body Part !Rarity !Gem Cost !Base Effect !Notes |- |Headphones |Head |Common |50 |+5% Damage | |- |Baseball Cap |Head |Common |25 |+5% Transform Power | |- |Hook |Arms |??? |325 |+5% Fire Rate | |- |Great Sword |Back |??? |1000 |+10% Explosive Force |}


I need a moustache

As Wheeljack Edit

  • SquadThe Wreckers
  • Mission TypeIntelligence
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event

Combining Bomb's explosive nature with Wheeljack's explosive inventions can't be good for his productivity in his workshop. Ever so often he does successfully create new (and expensive) gadgets like the miniature Jackhammer, But it probably makes Ratchet all the more grumpy when he has to put him and his workshop back together.

His newest weapon/gadget is a salvo rocket launcher that fires a cluster of lobbed explosive missiles! Much more powerful and effective than those of that yellow Sunstorm Pig.

Wheeljack was newly introduced in December 2016, and was available for 7500 tokens in the game's Christmas event. Surprisingly, there was no real-money character bundle with Wheeljack for sale, but there was one in the next event that focused on getting just one accessory for him.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Grenade Chest Rare 300 +10% Explosive Force​
Jackhammer Arms Epic 550 +10% Defense​
Rocket Launcher Back Epic 500 +10% Explosive Force​
Panels Back Legendary 900 +20% Faster Reload​

As Grapple Edit

  • SquadSupport
  • Mission TypeIntelligence
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event

Grapple is an architect/artist and is good friends with Hoist. In this game, he works with the other Autobirds and Deceptihogs to demolish towers.

In battle, Grapple is rather unusual. His weapon is a lightning beam attack, but in terms of attack power, it’s extremely weak, even at level 15, de- cyberforming scenery at about twice the rate of Optimus Prime. Combined with his somewhat weak health makes him seem rather useless. However, if there is a close enough block or grounded pig to where the weapon starts firing, the nearest block or grounded pig will be teleported to that location. It can then be dragged around, and if the weapon stops in some way that involves becoming a different form, (vehicle, washing machine, scrambled body) it will be immobilized in place until he returns to humanoid form.

There are many ways to use this weapon to your advantage, like using the objects as wrecking balls, or using them as cover from enemy attacks. The best way to put Grapple to your advantage is to be creative, like Bomb!

Grapple follows the trend (No, not the OP characters thing, the other one) being available in the event of the same name for 10000 tokens.

Accessory Body Part Rarity Gem Cost Base Effect Notes
Eject Chest Rare 300 +10% Damage
Drill Arms Epic 550 +10% Weapon Cooldown
Ramhorn Back Epic 500 +10% Defense
Bomb as Warpath

As Warpath Edit

  • SquadSupport
  • Mission TypeIntelligence
  • Unlock Type: Challenge Event

Warpath is a forthcoming character who will likely be added in the next few weeks. As with every forthcoming character, the game already teases him by sometimes enabling the player to chose him as a buddy.

Warpath’s weapon seems to be an overkill big laser that summons a purple vortex when it hits something in the same way that Dark and Ultimate Megatron do with their bullets. Oh, what a coincidence! His body actually looks like that of those two...

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Voice Actor: Pasi Ruohonen

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Voice Actor: Pasi Ruohonen

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Voice Actor: Pasi Ruohonen

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Emotions are weird.

  • Bomb in the original game has three pre-detonation sprites, the first one depict him glowing in a very faint red light, the second one shows bomb trying to hold back the explosion as the light around him glows slightly more brighter, the third and final piece of the animation shows him in a full red glow, struggling to hold back the explosion before he gives up and detonates.
  • Bomb also has a unused "injured post-impact" sprite.

Angry Birds TransformersEdit

  • Drift and Wheeljack's designs is a reference to their Generation One selves, but Drift has a helmet that his Age of Extinction Counterpart has, which has been a staple to drift since then.
  • Before he was an Autobot, Drift was known as Deadlock, who was a Decepticon assassin, before he switched to the Autobots side.
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