Momb! Bomb's sleepwlaking again!

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During the night, the Blues are restless and bored. One of them notices Bomb sleepwalking, and is intrigued. Bomb then walks into a prickly plant and explodes. The Blues see this, laugh at his expense, and mimic the action. They decide to go poke Bomb themselves. As they did so, Bomb detonates, flies into the air, and hits the ground. The three laugh out loud until Bomb wakes up, so the Blues whistle, trying not to appear guilty. Bomb then falls asleep again, takes the Eggs with them, and walks towards a bridge. The Blues realize the bridge is about to crumble and manage to stop him from doing so. The bridge quickly collapses, and Jake and Jim accidentally fall off. Jay pushes Bomb off the bridge and grows tired. Jake and Jim climb back up, and see Bomb about to walk into a cactus, so Jay saves him by nudging him away from the cactus (while getting pushed into it by Bomb). After sympathy from Jake and Jim, Bomb heads off into a whole forest of cacti, so the Blues carry him away from the area, and ended up with cactus all over their bodies. Finally, Bomb was heading for a cliff, so the Blues gave all of their effort to push him away from it, but the cliff cracked and fell off. Jim starts screaming, because he thought they were falling, but they actually were not, they're hanging on a vine, much to the disappointment of Jay and Jake. The vines they were on slowly descended to the ground. As Bomb walked off, the Blues were flung into the air. Bomb put the Eggs back in the nest, and at the same time the Blues were falling to the ground. They fell into a bush, and had leaves, thorns, and bushes all over them. Bomb was very confused and then walked away. The Blues were very tired from trying to save him and the Eggs, so they all faint as the end credits play.

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Bomb is sleepwalking…and takes the eggs with him on very dangerous roads and cliffs. And of course the Blues can't wake him up because it's equally dangerous!

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  • This was the last episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 1.
  • This was also #16 on Top 20 Angry Birds Toons Fan Favorites.
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