Don't you know about the bird? well, everybody knows that the bird is the word!

The birds are... quite a interesting race to say the least, they are feathered creatures with beaks that are apparently possible descendants of the dinosaurs. They are usually found protecting bird eggs that will eventually hatch the next generation on birds, but that's not to say that they won't take some breaks from watching the eggs from time to time neither.

Unfortunately for them, their eggs will be stolen from time to time, by who? some hungry pigs who wants to eat the eggs of course!

In response to kidnapping their unborn children, the birds will usually act very aggressively towards the pigs, violently attacking them in order to take back the eggs, the stratagy of assault can vary, ranging from close-range combat involving unconventional combat gears to literally forcing their bodies onto the enemy as some kind of brute-force attack, but the more traditional tactic revolves around a slingshot, designed to counter the pig's traditional tactic of hiding inside sloppy shelters, this strategy will have the birds go on a suicide mission launch themselves from the slingshot and crashing into the shelters with the goal of doing as much property damage and mass genocide as possible dealing enougth physical damage to the pigs themselves to a point where they are dead can bearly move, giving the birds the opening to take back the eggs, if you think that's too unbelievable to be a traditional battle tactic, then it's best for you to not question how they even managed to survive head-on collisions with entire buildings.

Variation factors Edit

The birds comes all crazy kinds of variations, they can be very different and unique from one another based on many of their traits.

Gender Edit

Like the real world, Birds can be either have a male gender and female gender depending on the characteristics.

Feather color Edit

The feather colors can various as they can be in endless combinations.

Feather shape Edit

Body shape: Edit

See: Body-Types

Beak shape Edit

Eye color Edit

Personality Edit

Unique abillity Edit

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