This is the article about the island from The Angry Birds Movie, If you want the level from the original Angry Birds game, see Bird Island (AB).

What do you mean this isn't Piggy Island!?

If you are covered in feathers and have a beak and a pair of useless wings and at some point had to protect some unborn children, chances are you may have been a inhabitant of Bird Island, it's a perfect place for a bird to live in, it includes unique geographic features such as feather-shaped leaves and grass... actually, that's pretty much the only thing noteworthy about the island's geography, oh, there's also a nice village near the bay and this HUMONGOUS mountain in the middle of the island that is appropriately named The Eagle Mountain because the peak of the mountain resembles the head of a legendary eagle, it's also where a cave that is inhabited by the said legendary eagle is located.


The bird civilization is governed by one simple rule, always try to be happy and positive, if you don't, you are a disgrace to the island and it's citizens.

But what do we do if the island is under attack from a serious threat? don't worry, we have the great eagle watching over and protecting us, so you can just move on with your life and never be skeptical about anything!

And remember, ALWAYS BE POSITIVE!!!




The Angry Birds Movie

The Angry Birds Movie 2



Angry Birds Action!


  • Bird Island and Piggy Island are very close to each other as both the birds and the pigs were able to sail for a short period of time from Bird Island to Piggy Island and back, this was further proven in Angry Birds Action! where the two islands are literally next to each other in the Island selection map.
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