Bailey is a Hatchling who loves squeaking her feet when the rainbow comes when it has the rain stopped. She is also a resident on Bird Island and is one of Zoe's sisters. 

Fiction The Baby Hatchlings Edit

Voice Actor: Samantha Cohen (English)

Samantha, Zoe & Vincent Are Best Fluffy Friends. They Live Together. One Day Zoe Brought Baby Snake Eggs. She Showed Them To Samantha, Vincent & That’s All. But Suddenly A Little Wave Washed Away The Baby Snake Eggs. Oh No! Shouted Zoe. Vincent Said, This Is Strange. How Can We Get Those Eggs Back From Sailing Away? Said Samantha. Then Zoe Has An Idea. She Can Use A Rowboat Made Out Of Wood To Get Them Back!

Notes Edit

  • She shares the same body-type as Jenny and Ally
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