We are the bad guys!

The pigs that makes up the bulk of Piggy Island's population are the dominant specie on the island (If having the island literally named after them isn't enough of a giveaway, we don't know what is). Despite being generally mind-blowingly stupid, they have semi-advanced technology like dynamites magically given to them from the seas to the island's southern beach area and have constructed many homes and shelters usually with materials like wood, glass, stone, and TNT crates, their biggest construction achievement however is most arguably the massive Pig City built on one section of the island.

They are ruled by the gluttonous King Smooth Cheeks, whose desires mainly revolve around trying to steal eggs from the island's other inhabitants, the birds. To this end he enslaves employs hundreds of Minion Pig civilians to do his bidding, as well as a handful of somewhat-smarter (and dumber) individuals.

Noteworthy individuals Edit

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