Astrotrain (Full)

They're Purple, Yellow, Grey, and Dumb, They're the really deceptive crew!!

When Autobirds or Deceptihogs need to get anywhere on Piggy Island, and get there fast, Astrotrain is the 'bot to call! He has a shuttle mode, and a locomotive mode, and they neutered any semblance of a robot mode. Neato!

Commercial appearances Edit

Astrotrain dropped Optimus Prime Bird off on Piggy Island so that the Autobird could shoot at some Bad Piggies. Angry Birds Transformers: Comic-Con trailer

Games Edit

Angry Birds Transformers Edit

An uncommon instance of a full body-shot of Astrotrain in his train mode when a bot enters Astrotrain in slow-motion in the Cobalt Plateaus.

Astrotrain drops off a character at the start of an event and then picks them up at the end. Astrotrain follows behind out of sight, ready to drop off and recall buddies, and brings him/her back if he/she happens to fail.

The interior of Astrotrain is essentially the base of operations and barracks for the Autobirds or Deceptihogs, as upgrading, recharging, customizing the characters, and claiming Mission prizes all takes place inside Astrotrain. 

Notes Edit

  • For all of you non-Transformers fans, Astrotrain is a Decepticon triple-changer in the original Transfomers cartoon from the 1980's.
  • At some point, someone decided to cross out the Deceptihog insignias on Astrotrain's wings and draw smiley faces next to them. Someone decided to remove them later, or try to decorate Astrotrain for a holiday like Christmas or Halloween, ex. Santa hat.
  • Screenshot 2018-11-12 154350

    You have caused confusion and delay, You are a really useful engine!

    Though Astrotain lacks the robot mode that he has in the 80's cartoon, it appears that he is sentient, as can be seen in Energon Lockdown's cutscene. While Lockdown Pig was fighting piggies, Astrotrain had time to play soccer, go grocery shopping, and iron some shorts.
  • Astrotrain dresses up for the Halloween and Christmas seasons; During Halloween he has green highlights and a witch hat, and during Christmas he has a reindeer nose, antlers, and a jingle.
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