Annie is as wholesome as an apple pie, on most days... just ask her parole officer! And that business about burning down the DVU? Well, who's to say the examiner wasn't saying the word "clutch" in an inappropriate tone! Besides, her favorite accessory is anything SHINY!

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Angry Birds Evolution Edit

Notes Edit

  • Annie is the only Angry Birds character to have hetcochromia, as one of them is green with the other is blue.
    • Annie is also the only bird with her plumage changed from White feathers to Blue Feathers due to an event that happened.
    • She is the only bird with a final evolution that is "Early Threat Punishment" and appears as a spectator on the battlefield
  • Annie is one of the spectator birds that appear on the battlefield as well as Jimmy, Margaret, Dalton, Tara, and Hank
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