Since the Angry Birds brand has been so strong, it must've slinged into various media that is popular culture, (or just pop culture for short). This page is dedicated to content that they were featured in or parodyed without Rovio's permission.

TV Shows Edit

Family Guy (2013-2016) Edit

  • Season 11, Episode 15, Turban Cowboy, features Peter Griffin falling down from the sky knocking down a Piggy Structure, except for one pig, much to Peter's chagrin.
  • Season 13, Episode 10, Quagmire's Mom, During a trial, Peter asks Lois if he can play Angry Birds on her phone. Lois lets him, but only with the sound off.
  • Season 15, Episode 6, High School English, While reading Huckleberry Finn, Peter (as Huckleberry Finn) wanted to stay home and play Angry Birds and slingshoted an actual cardinal to two random pigs, calling the game "Addictive"

The Simpsons Edit

MAD Edit

  • Angry Bird Management
  • Kung Fu Panda

Robot Chicken (2005) Edit

  • An entire Angry Birds sketch was made with Keith David voicing the Narrator, Seth Green as Red, King Pig and a Radio Announcer and Breyein Meyer as a random player.

Movies Edit

G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013) Edit

  • During the nuclear summit scene in this film, Zartan, disguised as the US President, is seen playing Angry Birds on an iPhone while his nuclear missiles fly towards his fellow world leaders' countries. At one point, he calls out "High Score!"

Ted 2 (2015) Edit

  • During a trial, Ted plays Angry Birds on his phone after being told to shut up.

Miracles from Heaven (2016) Edit

  • Pastor Scott was playing Angry Birds 2 on his phone while being in the hospital waiting room.

Comics Edit

Sonic the Hedgehog (comics) Edit

  • A Red-look-a-like makes a cameo appearance in Sonic Universe Issue 32.

Garfield Edit

  • An Angry Birds-styled version of Garfield seems to be hunting down Red

Video Games Edit

Final Deployment 4: Queen Battle Walkthrough Edit

  • Unicorn Bust is a parody of this game
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