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ve TV and Movies
Classic Angry Birds Toons, Angry Birds Stella, Angry Birds Zero Gravity, Angry Birds on The Run, Angry Birds Slingshot Stories
Piggy Tales Piggy Tales, Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work, Piggy Tales: Third Act, Piggy Tales: 4th Street
Movie-Based TV Shows Angry Birds Blues, Angry Birds BirLd Cup, Angry Birds Makerspace
Films The Angry Birds Movie, The Angry Birds Movie 2
YouTube Originals Angry Birds Fan of the Month
Others Angry Birds: Bubble Trouble, Angry Birds: Summer Madness

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ve Movie Characters
Bird Island Residents Main: Red, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Terence, Hal, Bubbles, Stella, Silver

Hatchlings: The Blues, Dylan, Will, Arianna, Samantha, Chloe, Zoe, Bailey, Timothy, Petunia, Beatrice, Lily, Pinky's Hatchling, Buddy, Eliza, Zach

Match Hatchlings: Otis, MC Mintie, DJ Tulip, Riley

Others: Judge Peckinpah, Cyrus, Edward, Eva, Ella, Pinky, Shirley, Officer Bill Beakins, Bob Wingman, Betty, Alex, Featherico Wingstein, Mime, Roxanne, Monica, Dane, Brad, Olive Blue, Greg Blue, Helene, Bobby, Hug Trader, Willow, Dahlia, Poppy, Gale, Clayton, Late Riser Bird, Phillip, Tall Bird, Val, Yoga Instructor, Momb, Duck, Johnny, Grumpy Dad, Picnic Girl

Comic-Original: Chirp, Castanova, Ms. Avianne, Sally, The Fabulous Feather, Cathy, Jim, Belinda

Piggy Island Residents Main: Leonard Mudbeard, Courtney, Ross, Garry

Piglets: Isla, Sophie, Oliver

Others: Earl, Chef Pig, Foreman Pig, Corporal Pig, Bubba, Tiny, Photog, John Hamm, Oinky, Monty, Tina, Pig Mother, Invisible Pig

Eagle Island Residents Main: Zeta, Debbie, Ethan "Mighty" Eagle, Glenn

Hatchlings: Glenn's Grandhatchlings

Others: Carl, Jerry, Axel, Kira, Steve, Brad Eagleberger, Hank

Others Billy the Sign, Snake Mother, Snakelets, Baby, Seal, Cow

Comic-Original: Howard, Seaweed Samson, Gagnon the Smash-Beast

ve Star Wars Characters
The Bird Side Angry Birds Star Wars: Stella Organa, R2-EGG2

Angry Birds Star Wars II: Stella Organa, R2-EGG2

The Pork Side Angry Birds Star Wars: Lard Vader, Stormtroopers

Angry Birds Star Wars II: Lard Vader, Stormtroopers


ve Games
Classic Angry Birds (2009), Angry Birds Seasons (2010), Angry Birds Rio (2011), Angry Birds Friends (2012), Angry Birds Space (2012), Bad Piggies (2012), Angry Birds Go! (2013), Angry Birds Epic (2014), Angry Birds Stella (2014), Angry Birds Transformers (2014), Angry Birds POP! (2015), Angry Birds Fight! (2015), Angry Birds 2 (2015), Angry Birds Blast! (2016), Angry Birds Ace Fighter (2016), Angry Birds Islands (2017), Angry Birds Blast Island (2018), Angry Birds Flip the Bird (2018)
Star Wars Angry Birds Star Wars (2012), Angry Birds Star Wars II (2013)
Movie-based Games Angry Birds Action! (2016), Angry Birds Football (2016), Angry Birds Holiday (2016), Angry Birds Evolution (2017), Angry Birds Match (2017), Angry Birds Dice (2017), Angry Birds Heroes (20???), Angry Birds Dream Blast (2018), Angry Birds Pop Blast (2019), Angry Birds Isle of Pigs (2019), Angry Birds Explore (2019), Angry Birds Tennis (2020), Angry Birds Journey (2020/2021)
Others Agri Birds (2015), Angry Birds Arcade (2016), Angry Birds Legends (2020)

ve Angry Birds Toons Episodes
Season 1 1. Chuck Time, 2. Where's My Crown?, 3. Full Metal Chuck, 4. Another Birthday
Season 2 53. Treasure Hunt, 54. Sweets of Doom, 55. Party Ahoy, 56. Hide and Seek
Season 3 79. Royal Heist, 80. Bad Hair Day, 81. Golditrotters, 82. A Fistful of Cabbage

ve Piggy Tales Episodes
Season 1 (Piggy Tales) 1. Trampoline, 2. Rough Necks, 3. Abduction, 4. Teeter-Trotter, 5. The Hole, 6. Push-Button, 7. The Mirror
Season 2 (Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work) 32. Nailed It!,
Season 3 (Piggy Tales: Third Act) 0. Wrong Floor, 58. Bouncing Buffoon
Season 4 (Piggy Tales: 4th Street) 0. Scary Fog, 0. Holiday Heist, 92. Pig City Valentine

ve Stella Episodes
Season 1 1. A Fork in the Friendship, 2. Bad Princess, 3. The Golden Egg, 4. Rock On!, 5. The Runaway, 6. All That Glitters, 7. Pig Power, 8. Own the Sky, 9. The Prankster, 10. Piggy Love, 11. The Portrait, 12. Don't Steal My Birthday!, 13.To The Bitter End
Season 2 14. New Day, 15. Friends Whenever, 16. Night of the Bling, 17. Step It Up, 18. Camp Scary, 19. It's Mine, 20. Royal Pains, 21. The Storm, 22. The Golden Queen, 23. Gilded Cage, 24. Premonition, 25. Last Bird Standing, 26. You Asked For It!

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ve Evolution Characters
Red Birds Red, Terence, Tony, Sam, Hugh, Meryl, Walter, Timothy, Frank, Noah, Winnie, Darlene, Margaret, Tommy, Lady Plume, Jasmine, Melody, Carter, Bette, Billie, Claude, Geraldine, Ricky "Red Menace" Redtzky (Elite Ricky), Angry Santa, Quentin, Muge, Fire Rooster, Beast, Peck Girl, Classic Red
Yellow Birds Chuck, Eugene, Patrick (Patrick the Santa), Bob, Kumiko, Connie, Lucy, Flavio, Mortimer, Charlotte, Cletus, Rod, Dalton, Derek, Gloria, Pauline, Doris, Brenda, El Gigante, Billy The Blitz, Cyril, El Jefe, Scrooge, Theo Walcott, Star Quarterback, Lady Bacon, Cold Turkey, Ciara, Major Pecker, Classic Chuck
White Birds Matilda (Elite Matilda), Kid YOLO, Mireille, Chip, Sadie, Hank, Capt'n Thrush, Millie, (Millie The Angel), Mikhail, Tiffany, Tara, Harold, Clive, Thelonius, Otis, Oliver, Jimmy, Owlpheus, Jacquie, Annie, Steve, Francis, Hot Grease, Captain Freedom, Elite Major Freedom, Klaus, Fringy, Lucha Libre, DedSw1n3, Dr. Strangebird, Master Beakagi
Black Birds Bomb, Anthony, Monday, Pam, Dolores, Mia, Richard, Max, Tonya, Lianne, Eddie, Shrapnel, Earl, Duane, Ember, Keira, Kowalski (Kowalski the Elf), Zain, Carson, Cenk Tosun, Byron (Black Metal Byron), Bob Boomer, Van Hellbird, Dutch, Xenoflocker, Dr. Probotnik, Eddie The Bird, Mighty Eagle, Classic Bomb
Blue Birds Leland, Toby, Shirley, Sidney, Tyler (Tyler The Festive Surfer), Myles, Greg, Andrew, Amy, Eggbert, Kim Fli Hy, Clint, Sinbad, Helmut, Wade, Trey, Ron, Paige, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Murphy, Birdstilano Eagaldo, Angromedon (The Blues), Grandfather Frost, Li'l Pecker, Heavy Metal Annie, Thrash, Snow Maiden Marisha, Piggy Nian, Classic Pig
Pigs Bobo the Bulky, Patsy, Don Bacon

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