A Decepticon attack inadvertently causes the AllSpark to be hurled across space and time to Piggy Island, where its power causes the feuding forces of the Flock and the Bad Piggies to undergo some surprising transformations.

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While transporting the AllSpark through space, an Autobot spacecraft comes under fierce Decepticon attack. Requiring time to build up power for a quantum jump, Optimus Prime gives the AllSpark to Bumblebee, and instructs him to flee into the depths of the ship while the rest of the Autobots hold the Decepticons off. As the villains board the ship, the ever-ambitious Starscream abandons his assigned position to pursue the little yellow 'bot, evading Grimlock and Drift as he goes. When the quantum engine reaches full power, Optimus has Heatwave blast the other Decepticons off the bridge with his water cannon and orders Jazz to initiate the jump; at exactly the same moment, Starscream corners Bumblebee, but the ship's jump causes him to misfire, blasting open a porthole through which the AllSpark is sucked. The relic disappears into the quantum tunnel, flying off across untold time and space...

...coming to rest on Piggy Island, where the Flock, a group of decidedly angry birds, are just about to attack the newest headquarters of the Bad Piggies, who have stolen a clutch of their eggs. The impetuous Chuck disobeys leader Red's orders and smashes into the pigs' makeshift hideout, but his solo attack only gives King Pig and his servants time to escape before the structure collapses on top of Chuck and the other birds. As the birds haul themselves out of the wreckage, the Blues—a set of triplets who are the youngest of the Flock—sneak away to follow the pigs, in order to prove themselves to the older birds. They soon come upon Hal, a banjo-playing friend of the Flock, and tell him their plan; though a conscientious objector to the bird/pig conflict, Hal decides to accompany the Blues to ensure their safety.

Elsewhere, the pigs come upon the fallen AllSpark, now in the form of an "EggSpark". Figuring the smouldering crater the relic lies in would be a great place to cook the stolen eggs into an omelet, King Pig orders them in to investigate, though the sight of the destruction the EggSpark's impact has caused makes one particularly sensitive Minion Pig break out in tears. Chef Pig boots the tearful minion at the EggSpark, and upon contact with the artifact, the pig is transformed, gaining a robotic body and knowledge of his new form and the EggSpark to go along with it. Sensing his new ability to change modes, the pig winds up as a jack-in-the-box on his first try, but a second attempt sees him successfully assume a jet form, and as he blasts off into the sky, he rechristens himself "Starscream Pig"! In addition to the other pigs, his maiden flight is also witnessed by Hal and the Blues, hiding nearby; recognizing the threat, Hal sends the Blues to inform the rest of the Flock, then turns his attention back to the others pigs, who have also used the EggSpark to transform themselves. Corporal Pig is now "Galvatron Pig", Chef Pig has become "Soundwave Pig", King Pig is "Megatron Pig" (and disgusted with his new form), while Foreman Pig's usual architectural incompetence has led him to assemble his new robot body wrong, and left him in the form of a toilet!

The Blues meet up with the Flock, and upon hearing their report, Chuck once again breaks away from the group and streaks ahead at high speed, hoping to make up for his previous mistake. He arrives at the crater but is moving too fast to stop, and winds up colliding into Hal and hurling both of them through the crowd of confusing pigs and into the EggSpark. Chuck and Hal are reborn as "Bumblebee Bird" and "Grimlock Bird", and Chuck finds his usual recklessness tempered by his new form; he tries to talk to Megatron Pig, but the former King Pig isn't interested, and shows off his tank alternate mode as proof of the fact that he and his newly christened "Deceptihogs" are built for combat, rather than conversation. Megatron Pig opens fire, but Grimlock Bird shoves Bumblebee Bird out of the way, then uses his flame breath and motorcycle alternate mode to corral all the Deceptihogs, and knocks the net of stolen eggs out of Soundwave Pig's hands, causing them to clatter against the EggSpark. At Megatron Pig's instructions, the Deceptihogs scoop up the eggs and flee... but as they beat their retreat, the EggSpark-infused eggs begin to hatch...

Featured characters Edit

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons The Flock/Autobirds Bad Piggies/Deceptihogs
  • Optimus Prime (1)
  • Arcee (2)
  • Bumblebee (3)
  • Heatwave (4)
  • Jazz (5)
  • Grimlock (15)
  • Drift (16)
  • Foreman Pig/Lockdown Pig (26)
  • Corporal Pig/Galvatron Pig (27)
  • Minion Pigs/Starscream Pig (28-31)
  • King Pig/Megatron Pig (32)
  • Chef Pig/Soundwave Pig (33)

Quotes Edit

"Yuck! Disgusting.... the way you walk and... and... have arms. There oughta be a law!

King Pig on his minion's transformation of what was the birds previous look with arms and legs..

"I'm no minion anymore! I'm STARSCREAM PIG! And I'll be back... when pigs fly! HAHAHA!"

Starscream Pig

"I am no longer a mere king—call me MEGATRON PIG. And these arms and legs... are absolutely as gross as I thought they would be. Walking upright. Ew."

Megatron Pig

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