Angry Birds Pop Blast (formerly known as Angry Birds POP 2) is a stand-alone sequel to Angry Birds POP! and was softlaunched in March 30, 2019 before releasing to the US on May 24, 2019. Unlike it's predecessor, this games uses designs from The Angry Birds Movie universe.

Gameplay Edit

The game has pretty much the same gameplay as Angry Birds POP! but with a few different gimmicks, such as the player can choose both a Bird and Pig to play, and like we mentioned they use the designs from The Angry Birds Movie universe?

Piñata Edit

The Piñata, much like Shockwave's Spree and the Piggy Tower, it's function is to get either cards, gems, and unlockable characters, and when the player can obtain points or to unlock characters or Power-Ups, it's unlocked after beating Level 5. The player can break the piñata waiting 24 hours,for a free life or use coins.The piñata haves different variations.

If you get to 30 stars in any level/area, you can unlock a Super Piñata, which is much like the normal one except they contain more stuff.

Characters Edit

Birds Pigs Others
Playable Characters:

Non-Playable Characters:

Playable Characters:

Non-Playable Characters:

Discontinuation Edit

In early 2020, Rovio decided to end support for Angry Birds POP Blast. It was removed from digital distribution and in-app purchases were disabled in March, and online features were disabled in June. The game is still playable to those who have downloaded it before it was removed from online storefronts, although it will play a little differently because it is no longer supported:

  • There will only be 500 levels to play, since the game will not be updated to add any more.
  • The player can get some extra ammo for free the first time they run out of bubbles per play session (which ends upon exiting the game).
  • There are no online events, such as the Space Race or explosive bubble win streaks.
  • In-app purchases will not be available.

Trivia Edit

  • This marks the second game in which Chef Pig is a playable character, but marks the first time for his movie design
  • Corporal Pig gets a brand-new stylized design to make him match the other stylized pigs in the game.
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