Angry Birds Match is a match-3 game involving the Hatchlings and characters from the Angry Birds Blues cartoon series, The aim of the game is that players must match items to accomplish missions on behalf of the Hatchlings, which includes gathering food, retrieving stolen toys and defeating the pigs of course.

History Edit

This game was released soft launched on November 11, 2016 in select countries.

Nine months later after soft-launch release, Angry Birds Match came out in worldwide on August 31st, 2017.

Gameplay Edit

The game is a variation of "match 3" games such as games like NibblersBejeweled or Candy Crush Saga. Each level has a different shaped grid filled with various objects from the movie and sometimes obstacles (more commonly known as blockers). The basic move of the game consists of swapping two object's positions to align sets of three of the same object, whereupon they disappear, causing objects above them to collapse into the space left behind, often resulting in chain reactions. Moves and alignments must be horizontal/vertical. The level's objectives must be met before the player runs out of moves.If you match 4 or more items, you bring out the Angry Birds characters, which perform a special task to help the player complete the level.

Characters Edit

() means what order do you unlock them

Birds Pigs




Sections Edit

  1. Day At The Beach
  2. Surprise Party
  3. Munch Upon A Time
  4. Carnival Magic
  5. Faking History
  6. Camping Trip
  7. Mild West
  8. Dream Sweets
  9. Winterland
  10. Nighttime Tiki Party
  11. Cafe
  12. Atlantis

Seasonal: Edit

  1. Summer
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