Angry Birds Holiday was an endless business management simulator involving most Angry Birds characters as they appear in The Angry Birds Movie, who run vacation resort services for incoming pigs to distract them from the eggs.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay of Angry Birds Holiday is very different from all the previous games in the series. As the player is guided by Matilda, to run a business with the Birds for the piggies who are taking a vacation in the resort and avoid going for the eggs.

The player may simply drag the pig or items into the designated area to service the pig. In addition, getting resources from servicing, harvesting crops and production buildings.

Currencies Edit

  • Coins: The basic game currency. It can be used to purchase non-emergency items such as purchasing new production buildings, gardening areas, service areas and decorative items in shop.
  • Gems: The premium game currency used to buy emergency items such as skip waiting times, buying slots and purchase insufficient items required.
  • Slingshot Ticket: Send pigs to friends, contacts or flock list.

Tools Edit

Tools are part of the Angry Birds Holidays.

  • Repair tool: Repairs the building into good condition.
  • Harvest tool: Harvest crops.
  • Axe: Cut small trees down.
  • Saw: Cut large trees down.
  • TNT: Blow medium boulders.

Locations: Edit

Production Buildings: Edit

Service Buildings: Edit

Characters Edit

Birds: Pigs:



Notes Edit

  • This is the only game where Matilda is the starting character in an Angry Birds game.
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